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One of the things that soon became apparent to me was the fact I am not out their alone .

One only has to look at sites on the internet to quickly realise their are thousands of other Transgender /Transsexual people who don't just appear recently ,they have been going on for decades, and probably right through time its self .  On this page I just want to pay tribute to some of the other trans women who have made an impact on not just me but probably thousands of others out their .

The Natural History Of Transsexuality:

Since transsexuality is caused by hormonal alteration of the nervous system of developing fetuses, and occurs in perhaps all mammalian species, it would be reasonable to infer that it has been around for a very long time. Indeed, since birth defects in general are just part of nature, it would be unthinkable to imagine an era of Man devoid of transsexuals. We have always been, and from time to time, history has recorded that fact.

The only clues we have of paleolithic transsexuals would be by considering the societies of aboriginal peoples still living with stone age technologies. The few left remaining on the earth, in the rain forests of South America, or the remaining unspoiled lands of Africa, all have reverential positions for the transsexuals that are born to them. In such societies, Transsexuals are considered magical, kin to the gods or spirits, and possessed of shamanic powers.

Every society in history has had some name, role or way of relating to the transsexual, from ancient Canaan and Turkey to India, even to the present day.

Examples abound. For instance, in ancient Rome existed the 'Gallae', Phrygian worshipers of the Goddess Cybele. Once decided on their choice of gender and religion, physically male Gallae ran through the streets and threw their own severed genitalia into open doorways, as a ritualistic act.
The household receiving these remains considered them a great blessing. In return, the household would nurse the Gallae back to health. The Gallae then ceremoniously received female clothes, and assumed a female identity. Commonly, they would be dressed as brides, or in other splendid clothing.

In India, ritual practices for transsexual individuals continue to the present day. Called Hijiras, this sect also worship a Goddess, and undergo a primitive sort of sex reassignment surgery. The Hijiras are treated in a rather hypocritical fashion within Indian society however, in that they are both despised and revered at the same time. Hijiras often are paid to attend a bless weddings, and to act as spiritual and social advisors, but are also shunned as less than worthy eunuchs. Yet in other circumstances, such as social situations, they are accorded the status of true females.

The Dine, or Navajos of the southwest United States, recognize three sexes instead of only two. For the Dine, there are Males, Females, and Nadles, which are considered somewhat both and neither. While those born intersexed or hermaphroditic are automatically considered Nadle, physically 'normal' individuals may define as Nadle based on their own self-definition of gender identity. The Nadle once possessed far greater respect before the Navaho were conquered  and their culture all but obliterated by the forced assumption of Catholicism.

Among the Sioux, the Winkte served much the same function, and individuals could assume the complete role of their preferred gender. Physical females lived as male warriors, and had wives, while physical males lived their lives completely as women. In Sioux society no special magic was associated with this, it was just considered a way of correcting a mistake of nature. Winkte would also perform primitive reassignment operations of a sort, and history records the process used by physical males: riding for days on a special hard saddle to crush the testicles and thus effectively castrate the individual.

Being transsexual in ancient cultures took a special form of courage too, even if society may have been embracing of the Transsexed!

Whether it is the Sererr of the Pokots of Kenya, the Xaniths of Islamic Oman, the Mahu of Tahiti, or even the Sekrata of Madagascar, the story is essentially the same: transsexuality was a fact of life, and a place in society was made for the gender dysphoric to be themselves.

The modern classification of transsexuality and the medical intervention of sex reassignment  was first attempted in Germany in 1930. Einar Wegener sought treatment and was operated upon. Afterwards, she lived as Lily Elbe, but alas not for long...the surgery had tragic complications. The first well known, surviving post operative transsexual was American ex-G.I. George Jorgensen, who became Christine Jorgensen in 1953. Christine became the center of a whirlwind of publicity despite an effort to avoid it, and had little choice but to capitalize on the misfortune. Christine became the first 'Media Transsexual' - or as some transsexuals put it 'Transie Martyr' , and suffered both the benefit and curse of fame. Christine starred in several hollywood movies as a result, and became celebrity enough to bring transsexualism out of the closet and into view of post-industrial society.

For decades only the rare individual physician dared treat the transsexual, while the mainstream medical community considered transsexuality to be a mere mental disorder without a biological basis. The first professional to truly try to help transsexuals with compassion and scientific study was Dr. Harry Benjamin. Dr. Benjamin carefully treated and studied the cases of transsexuals, essentially devoting most of his career to the project. The results of his carefully documented studies were published in 1966 in his book "The Transsexual Phenomenon". This work led directly to the benefits that we modern transsexuals enjoy, for it opened the door to serious study of the condition. Currently, the worldwide Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association continues his work, and helps to set standards of care for the treatment of transsexuals by the medical establishment.
Recent study of brain functioning has shed important light on the causes of transsexuality, and surgical techniques as well as overall treatment continue to improve. Society is slowly becoming accepting once again of the inevitable transsexual in it's midst, and it may well be that the future will hold even greater help for the transsexuals born into future ages.




IN A NUTSHELL: Transsexuals have always existed. In the ancient world, transsexuality was both accepted and respected. Throughout the ages, transsexuals have attempted to correct the error of their bodies, with varying results. The modern, technological world at last provides a real chance for the transsexual to finally, truly correct the errors of Nature.

                                                                       With Love And Respect 

                                                                              Tina Marie Phillips




So below I want to pay tribute to some of the Transgender /Transsexual women who influenced me ,and probably you as well.



                Li I l i    Elbe : Denmark                                                               Marie-Pier- Ysser  "Bambi" :France


                 April Ashley : United Kingdom                                                           Christine Jorgensen


                       Coccinelle  :France                                                                          Dana  Beyer :MD


                                    Holly Woodlawn                                                            Gigi Gorgeous


                            Mianne Bagger ( Golfer )                                                         Gina Graham


                              Becky Allison:  MD                                                                       Gloria Gray : Germany

                     Kelly Van De Veer :Netherlands                                           Amanda  Lear  : France
                                               Aleshia   Brevard                                                                 Andria Colliaux  : France

                                Prof. Lynn Conway                                                                     Marci Bowers: MD


                      Teresa  Elllen   Reeves  :  ( USA)                                                         Dallas Denny ( USA)


                          Candi  Stratton : Australia.                                                                Candis  Cayne



                                Alexus Sheppard                                                                        Amanda Simpson

                                              Andrea James                                                                     Calpernia  Addams.

                   Anna Taylor  :United Kingdom                                                                 Christine  Beatty

                     Deborah Davis: Australia                                                                       Donna  Rose

                       Dana International : Israel                                                      Jackie Mc Auliffe : United Kingdom


                        Janet  Fur man Bowman                                                                     Prof.  Jennifer  Boylan


                             Sara Fox  :Ph.D                                                        Nadia Almada  : Portugal - United Kingdom


                     Stephanie Anne Lloyd ( UK)                                     Maria Rose Lowe Hanning ( Denmark )

                      Trish  McCurdy                                                              Julia Sommers : Australia

                                                                         Tina Marie Phillips

                                                                                Kelly Lamb


                        Melanie Anne Phillips.                                                            Jessie Chung :Malaysia

                          Caroline " Tula " Cossey  Uk -now- USA (Photo supplied by Caroline herself)



                              Babiana Fernandez                                                            Cristine  Mc Ginn   USA


                                 Lana Moore (USA )                                                   Gwendoline Smith  (USA)


      Andrea Pejic : Australia                                                                                      Laura Jane Grace


                                           Kelly Winters                                                                          Nong Poi : Thailand


           Renee Richards ( Tennis Player) USA                           Parinya Charoenphol: ( Boxer) Thailand.


                                       Carman Carrera                                                                       Lavern Cox


                                           Paris Lees                                                                 Amanda Lapore


                                                                        Sylvia Revera                                                               Jordan Davis



                        Deena Kay Rose :(USA)                                                      Brenda Appleton : ( Australia )


                                  Maria Roman: ( USA)                                               Nicola Jane Chase : ( USA)


                                        Terry Noel                                                                          Roberta Close


                                                                                       Janet Mock



And below their are the young trans women who follow on in the footsteps of the ones above and make their own mark on society ,just like the ones above did . Today these girls have more understanding because society as a whole now understands Transgender/Transsexual people a lot better . With the ages of young transsexual women getting younger all the time ,it makes you wonder ,what is  next  ?  I certainly don't know ,but I truly wish these girls below only the very best with their transitional journeys in life.

                                                                        Tina Marie Phillips.

                                          Jackie Green (UK)                                                          Jackie Green (UK)


                         Brittany Cade                                                                  Brittany Cade



                            Jazz Jennings                                                                 Jazz Jennings


                  Nikola Pilawa : ( New Zealand )                                          Nikola Pilawa : ( New Zealand )


                                Jamie  Haze                                                                     Jamie Haze


                               Rica Soloman                                                                     Rica Soloman


                            Cadance Matthews.



I hope you like my tribute to the Transgender / Transsexual pioneers who inspired me so much and gave me the fire to go on and move forward with my own transitional journey. and also the young women that follow in the footsteps of the gender pioneers above .Today society has learned that people like us are in fact only human beings and deserve a place on this planet that we call earth.    Years ago gay people were frowned upon and they moved forward and are now accepted as part of society and so will Transgender /Transsexuals as well . Every year that passes we gain new foothold in society and gain prominent positions in high places ,and with the new laws introduced we finally get our just deserves to become part of society as a whole .  Who knows in years to come doctors may be able to go further than just Gender Reasignment surgery and be able to give transsexual women the one thing they truly deserve in the form of being able to bear children of our own and with advancements im sure this will be forthcoming in the future.

                                                       With Love And Respect

                                                          Tina Marie Phillips






The Trans-Renaissance

As it stands, transgender people are conventionally treated and regarded as subhuman. We are portrayed as sexual deviants, anarchists, an...d demons. The threat of violence and vitriol conspires to keep us quiet and allow others to speak for us, perpetuating the same hateful dialog until the end of time, with no outstanding opposition from the oppressed.

Take a look at the sorts of stories that are told about us. There's the adorable trans child, whose innocence smashes against the boundaries of social conservatism. We can sympathize with them, because they do not pose a threat to us. Their actions could not possibly be political, or sexually charged, because they have not yet produced the faculties that spawn such motivations.

On the flip side, there's the trans adult who has earned the ire of the community, and is portrayed as undeserving of sympathy; they're pitiful at best, and demonic at worst. "Think of the children," the parents cry, indignant at the thought of chromosomes mismatching presentation. The children, more often than not, think nothing, awaiting the outcome that informs their moral compass. Their parents paint an enemy of us, and the children look on, taking notes that will inform their behavior for the rest of their lives.

But there are more stories, besides. Boring stories. Stories that are scarcely stories at all, unless we stretch them and re-contextualize them to create a narrative flow. There are currently hundreds (if not thousands) of teens and young adults across the internet who are obtaining the information and support they need to transition. Most will do so successfully, and then fade away. They'll have "passing privilege," or the ability to be accepted as cisgender and safely ignored. They can retreat back into the closet for all but the most personal of encounters, specifically those that involve the eccentricities of our anatomy.

What will happen to these people as they grow up, this "stealth generation"? They'll move through the world afforded nearly the same rights and privileges anyone else, and they will gain public power. We have public individuals now who come out as trans and begin transition (e.g. Chaz Bono, Lana Wachowski), but what happens when someone you've followed for years reveals that they were born as the opposite sex, long before you ever knew them? It demonstrates that anyone could be transgender, that we're more complex than the caricatures we've been saddled with. It's a powerful thought, and the seeds are being planted  now.