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                                   The Building Of
            Tinas Transform Nails
                                  This is how i built "Tinas Transform Nails "


After looking for several weeks and walking the streets of Nottingham i decided to head down an area wear i hadent been for quiet a long time .

In the distance i spotted a for rent sign and after a closer look through the window i made a note of the number on the property agents sign on the front of the building .

After i got home i rang and arranged an apointment to view it properly ,and after seeing the inside wich was just an empty shell i decided it was was i was looking for and told the agent i would take the property.

Iknew looking at the inside the premises had potential to build what i was wanting to create ,a nail salon .

The Empty Premises Before i redesigned it 
Things Are Starting To Get Done


By now i was working on my own 7 days a week down there trying to get the place fitted out ,and this ment painting ,laying flooring ,building false walls ,and vertually everything that needed doing ,including makeing the front sign outside my self ,i also designed the lettering and made them .




With the floor down and alot of the inside painted ,i still had to fit the beauty treatment room out and put a small fitted kitchen in.

The trouble with me is once i get some idea in my head i wont rest till ive designed and built it.             I also had the outside done in in pink ,the shade i had mixed up at the paint suplier ,it was was called russian velvet 3 .



What seemed like hours of hard work on my own was starting to turn an empty shell in to a classy nail salon.

By now i was racing to try and get things sorted so i could open the buiseness up and start doing nails ,so i was pulling out all the stops and i enlisted the help of a friend to assist me for a couple of days .

Also i knew i needed cards and posters to advertise the buiseness so i designed all these on my computer at home and e mailed them to the printers to get printed .

The Place Is Nearly Complete .
More Photos Inside My Salon
The Mirror Ball And My Own Nail Station
The Treatment Room For Doing Waxing ECT
This room had a white leather treatment coutch



After 4 weeks of working like a demon on my own the place was ready for my grand opening day ,and all i needed now was some staff.

Several people saw my adverts in the job centre and in the front window of the salon ,and eventually i got a couple of girls to work with me at Transform Nails .

The Finished Nail Salon In All Its Glory



Some Of My Advertising And My Calling Cards




After a trip abroad to thailand for three weeks and on my return the nail salon had been broken into and trashed through the front door and it had to be secured and boarded up while i was away and with a bad accident and competition from South Vietnamese nail salons i decided to close Tinas Transform Nails down for a period of time in the city to concentrate my self on other projects .         In 2010 after establishing a new plant buiseness in Nottingham "Pink Butterfly Plants and Seeds "     






So thats the story of how i built Transform Nails ,one persons dream complete after alot of hard work.

With Love .

Tina Marie Phillips.