........One ...Womens ...Battle ..With ...Transsexuality......

              Tinas City Nottingham
    In   20016 I decided after my mother died that I needed something to occupy me to take my mind off her death. After giving it much thought ,I decided to do something to help Transsexual and Transgender people in Nottingham ,so came up with this " Raise Trans Awareness in Nottingham.





Tinas City "NOTTINGHAM"  is a photo collection of some of my photos taken round  Nottingham ,and shows what a great city Nottingham is to live in
Many people assume that being transsexual is a real problem ,but it certainly is not for me ,in fact im sure the people of Nottingham have taken me to their hearts .
30 years ago being transgendered was frowned upon and life was tough when I first came out 37 years ago in Nottingham ,but today the word transgender is part of day to day life and im sure these photos show this .  Just like the gay community ,transgender people are now part of society