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                                                                         "TINA   AT  KEW  GARDENS"
  This is my story with photos of a day out i had in London at Kew Gardens  on the 29/04/2013.  Kew and other botanical gardens have always interested me because of my interests with plants and horticulture that has been with me most of my life and of course now with my company Pink Butterfly Plants and Seeds .







This is my story with photos    This was only the second time ive been to Kew over the years ,the other being about 20 years ago ,way before my transition ,and i viseted then with both my parents ,this was before my father passed away with his illness . The only reason i didant take mum with me on this trip is because she is now wheelchair bound and i wasant sure if the garden was a good place to take a chair or not ,but after seeing the layout i obviously underestimated  the garden and their were other wheelchair users their because their is access to everything beause of Kews great system of wonderfull pathts and internal little roads .  The following set of photos show my journey round Kew Gardens and the great day i spent their ,with photos to illistrate this along with a brief story about the photos and what they represent .  Please enjoy .

                                    Walking Round The Gardens Past Some Very Old Shrubs
                                                   A Nice Shot In Front Of Kews Massive Palm House
                                                          The Gardens In Front Of Kews Palm House
                        Kews Palm House When Built Was One Of The Largest Glasshouses In The World
                                                     A Shot Taken In Front Of Kews Oriental Garden
                          A Shot Taken In The Tropical Waterlily House   with the Giant Victoria Amazonica Lily



Kew Gardens was one of the first botanical gardens in the world ,and is still in my oppinian one of the best in the world

                                                             Another Shot Of Kews Oriental Garden