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           My Trip On The River KWAI  & The Tiger Temple



It  was a wonderful Bangkok morning and Jeanette and myself waited

in the Baan Siri car park ,and shortly afterwards along came the air conditioned mini bus , and we climed aboard and headed off to our destination the River Kwai and the famouse bridge that spanned it.

As we headed across country the skys burst and we had one of those tropical rain storms you often see in thailand .

After driving for what seemed like ages we finally made it to the war graves ,and the war museum.

Ifound this very emotional and toutching ,and the following photos ,show this







  After the toutching portraits of the  war museum it was back to the mini bus and we travelled a short distance to wear we got out and they were selling souveneers and pottery ,and from there we could see the famouse river kwai .

One of the guides asked her if we fancied an elephant ride or maby a trip by boat on the river kwai ,and after thinking about it ,we decided on the river trip ,and we were led to the landing stage and we climed aboard the small james bond type craft with the big prop shaft at the back , the following photos show this .



After we got off the tiny craft we were taken by the mini bus again to a reasturant wear we wear given a kind of buffit style meal and i met a young lady from spain and we chatted a while this was right on the river bank over looking the river kwai , and from there it was off on the mini bus again the the railway station ,wear we had quiet a long wait because we had missed the train and had the wait for the next one to come

The following shots show the view from the reasturant ,the railway station and the views from the train as it took us to our next destination the tiger temple .




  Eventually the train arrived and we climbed aboard and we followed the river kwai over the mountains and along the rivers course.

After a very scenic rail journey we arrived at our next destination and got off and waited for the mini bus to collect us once more .             By now the weather had really heated up and the rains had gone over and it was a very hot and humid sort of day .

We were soon picked up and after another drive ,we eventually ended up at the main thing we wanted to see the tiger temple .        After a walk along the trail and into what seemed like some sort of nature reserve ,because it was obvious they had other types of animals there ,we ended up walking down into a sort of deep hollow and we got our first glimse of the tigers .

The guide checked what colours we were wearing because aparently certain colours prevoke the tigers ,i laughed because my top i was wearing had a sort of leopard pattern on .           We were told we couldant take the photos ourself and that one of the tendants would use our camera and take the shots .

The Following photos show myself with the tigers of the tiger temple ,the cats raised by the monks from being young babies .



 The Wonderful Tigers Of The Tiger Temple .

Majestic beasts that take your breath away when standing next to them, a truly moving experiance.





 So with my photos and a wonderful experiance behind me ,we headed back for the last time that day to our mini bus , and with feeling the effects of the heat and the 15 hours of ffs surgery just two weeks previously that i had gone through i knew we had a quiet long journey back to bangkok.

By the time we had gotten across coutry and hit the outskirts of bangkok we had hit rush hour and we managed to get stuck in all that crazy traffic caos that bangkok endures every day .

But all in all ,it was a wonderful day ,and one ill always remember.