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                             "The Inns and Outs Of Self Medication And The Dangers Involved "

When i started my transition for the second time in late 2004 ,i was desperate to be able to start to bring out my feminine side after it had been trapped deep inside for 45 years . With the inset of the internet a tool that anabled people including myself the option of having a world of information at my fingertips .

After spending many hundreds of hours studying websites and pages of information i decided upon a drug course that included eostrogen and testerone blockers .    Ok this all seemed well at the time ,but it soon became prety obvious to me that this was probably a very stupid thing to do . The following verses are my feelings towards this action ,and yes i did get legal and propperly monitered by a recognised medical body .

Transition takes a long time. It is not done quickly. On average, the minimum time required to change your physical sex is about two years, and that is a best case situation. Often, the process can take three, four, five, or many more years. In some ways, the process never really ends; each year that passes one still changes a little, even after surgery. In general, however, one can expect to be more or less living as the appropriate gender after about two to three years.

You will need to find a doctor. Any doctor can potentially help you, if they want to: you do not need an expensive specialist for transition. You just need someone to prescribe hormones for you, and occasionally to check on your health. Any doctor can do that much. Understand that not all doctors are equal, and that doctors are human: they can have prejudices and bigotries of all kinds. You may need to shop around, to find a sympathetic doctor. Be prepared to face this. Hormones are not very expensive, and almost anyone can afford them.

The first thing in transition is hormones. Sex hormones do most of the work of physical transition. Indeed, many people may simply use hormones, and never deal with surgery at all. They may do this for a variety of reasons, such as a fear of surgery, a desire not to risk losing sexual function, or that they find that they are comfortable where they are after the hormones do their work. It is never correct to have surgery first, and then to take hormones. Hormones first, then surgery. Understand this. Accept nothing less.

Hormones change all the soft tissues of the body. They change the look and feel of the skin, they change the shape and curves of the body. Hormones grow breasts where there were none, or in the Female-To-Male, grow beards and bulky muscles where before there were none. Know that these changes are permanent. Breasts do not go away with hormones, and beards do not disappear with hormones. Hormones can give to the body, but they cannot take away. Only surgery can take away from the body. If you have no breasts but want them, hormones can do that. But if you have breasts but do not want them, you will need surgery. The same is true of sex organs, too.

Sex hormones cannot change the skeleton. You cannot become taller or shorter with sex hormones. You will stay the same height, but not the same build. You may lose or gain weight, and your body will change shape amazingly.





              "The Inns and Outs Of Self Medication And The Dangers Involved "
Self Medication is a tricky subject to broach on really ,its the sort of subject that can upset a lot of people especially if thats what your doing . I know many years ago i was guilty of starting off doing this myself . When i first started my transition i did actually do this myself . It wasant long before i quickly realised it was not gonna get me wear i needed to get quiet frankly and it wasant long before i was on the phone to london ,to Russell Ried and booking an apointement at the London Institute ,and this was the best move i ever made . I knew that on a long term basis if i ever wanted to fully transition and complete my gender reasigment surgeries ( srs ) this was somthing i needed to do to get my referal letters so i might fly to bangkok ,thailand in january 2006 and do my srs their.
Lets look at the facts with self medication ,its easy to pick up a credit card get on line and log onto a site and buy eostrogen and anti antiandrogens from a place like inhouse pharmacy ,because these people dont actually care about a persons physical well being ,they are a buiseness that earns money selling drugs to people . So this might satisfy your needs right now ,but remember takeing drugs like this may be dangerous to a persons health if they arnt getting propper medical supervision while doing this ,with things like blood clots and deep vein thrombosis,because hormones can alter the consistancy of the bloods thickness ,and for some people couple this with smokeing and bad diets that already may block arteries in a person ,its a dangerous thing . Also look at this as well anybody that hopes to eventually move on the doing srs will need referals to do this stage of their surgical transition . So remember hormones need reglar blood check ups with hormone levels done by an endrocrinologist. ,or some other medical body really .
Ok i expect by now if some people are reading this you may be thinking ..hmmm ,im ok ,but are you really if your self medicating ,obviously its your choice and your life but frankly if i were offering you some good advice ...GET LEGAL ....get your self a good medical person either a psycologist or councilor or other body to help you with what your doing its worth it in the end ...i did it was the best dicision i made in my life ..