........One ...Womens ...Battle ..With ...Transsexuality......

                       The Power And The Glory

The Power and the Glory ,is my way of summing up life right now ,and ill try and explain what I mean bye this .

Twelve years ago when I first built this website ,I had already been out a great many years ,and that was right back in the late 1970,s.   If anybody in those days got an inkling that you were a Transsexual ,you got more than funny looks ,they wanted to lock you up and throw the key away.          I only knew of a hand full of others like myself ,and their was very little information to be found any wear ,unless the newspapers got hold of a story that could plaster all over their wrag.   I think those days were really difficult in the respect that their did not seem any wear to head for .   I guess one of my biggest insperations was seeing people like Rene Richards ,the Transsexual tennis player and of course that article in the Sun Newspaper with its centre fold on Tula "Caroline Cossey ".    I did go out and buy her book  ,and went from cover to cover several times being fascinated by its content .

Im pretty sure the thing that helped save my life was finding the local support group "The Chamelians  in  Nottingham, and this quickly made me realise their were others in my area just like I was and I was not  some sort of unique freek nature had sporned.  To be honest though the best part of the people who attended this group every Thursday night were Transvestites ,or Crossdressers .

I did meet one particular person at the group ,but despite her actually being what appeared to be Transsexual and a little crazy with it ,was going through the Gender Clinic at Charring Cross in London .   We did sit together at a table and chatted for a while and she pulled a bottle of Premerine out of her hand bad to show me .  These were the old fashioned type of tablets ,that looked more like horse drops ,wich is quiet funny really because Premerine is made from pregnant mares pee.

That group I suppose did serve a purpose despite it being a devil of a job to get their wear it was located ,two buses away ,and two buses home as nobody their with a car seemed to want to offer me a lift home .          Several times I dropped off going for quiet a while ,sometimes weeks ,sometimes months .  Then after a gap of a few years I decided to go and have another look ,at that group ,and met a person who was going on about a certain person called Russel Reid in London .  They were able to furnish me with the phone number for the London Institute ,on Earls Court Road .

Anyways after quiet a lot of soul searching ,I bit the bullet and rang the number and fixed up an appointment to go and see the apparently quite famous Gender therapist at his office ,the rest is history .