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  In late 2009 after much concideration ,and the knoledge i had for horticulture that i had built up over probably 40 years i made the decision to start a new venture . The new venture turned out to be Pink Butterfly Plants and Seeds.

Ive always had a great love of plants and actually growing them ,from either seed or cuttings and this started from a very young age , and grew as i got older .  I would never realise that in my younger years i would actually get the chance to put this skill i had in to an actual buiseness .          In January 2010 the buiseness was ready to launch ,and the funny thing is it was a very bad time to do this because i had booked to go on a 5 week trip the the USA ,the story to that is on this page ,on this link . http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/mytriptotheusa.htm    I supose some might say its a rather odd thing to do ,to launch a new buiseness in january then go off to the usa just a few weeks later on April the 1st ,but luckely i had my family to mind the plant buiseness ,especially mother who would end up watering several thousand plants while i would be away.

I certainly think that i was lucky in the respect of my inventiveness i was able to create not just the plant stock to start selling but also build the plant nursery and the show garden as well.   The following photos show the show garden at the front and has probably 2000-2,500 summer bedding plants put out anually .  






   The front of the house and home became my show garden with the plant nursery and itsgreenhouses behind and also its plant sales area wear the customers would come  and purchase the trays and pots of plants .   One of the things i wanted to create in the front was a showpeice for the middle that not only advertised the puiseness but also  made a statement about me and my transition .  I spent a quiet a few weeks messing about with diferant ideas and thenfinally hit upon the idea of a fountain . Icouldant buy what i wanted for this so again it was down to building it from scratch ....so was born my TRANSITION FOUNTAIN.  the following photo shows the transition fountain as i so aptly called it .  The butterfly signified the emblem of what my story was about "How does one become a butterfly ...she asked....pensively she replied ....you must want to fly so bad ...your willing to give up being a caterpillar, and the little girl statue ,well that also represents  me as well as a person in the childhood of her youth with my early transition . 






   I did get back from the trip to the USA ,and the first year the buiseness was launched i sold over 10,000 bedding plants to the general public ,clearly signifying that Pink Butterfly plants was gonna be a sure fire hit with the community i live in .  As with the nail salon i built in nottingham Tinas Transform Nails ,shown in this page . http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/tinastransformnails.htm

The following photos show the signs i had made for the front of Pink Butterfly Plants and Seeds . These are made of polycarbanate sheet and the lettering is made from sheets of pvc soffet boards that were painstakeingly drawn out with stencils again that i designed and used to draw round for each letter then hand cut out with a jig saw cutter ,a long drawn out job ,but im sure you will agee the end result looks prety impresive .





   So what about the plant nursery itself ......This consists of a block of greenhouses with just about every propogation device you could fit and again this was all installed myself including all the electrics to run things like the electric fan heating system i use and the propogation hot sand beds i use for rooting cuttings in and most of my greenhouses are of aluminium construction  and are a mammoth job each spring to wash and clean down and disinfect against virusus and germs that so important to keep on top off when your raising thousands of plants like i do .  I dont have too many photos of the actual plant nursery ,ie ,the greenhouses either out side or in ,but ill put a couple up here just to illistrate the plants growing inside one of my greenhouses ...please see the following photos below .





                    ............For Security Reasons Ive Blanked Out Part Of The Address On This Photo ......



So what about Security for my buiseness and the premises .......the simple answer is this ..........i have a state of the art cct camera security system in place thats all wired to a series of tv's in my house and also a trigger alam that will ring an alarm and flash a light on and off if anybody intrudes on the premises at night while im a sleep and this would alert me and i would quickly ring the local police station who are only in my case 500 yards down the road .