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                                  The Pink Butterfly Network On Face Book

This is the story of how the Pink Butterfly Friends Worldwide came about being on Face Book

This is the story of how The Pink Butterfly Network came about
Several years ago when yahoo were running personal pages on its site called Yahoo 360 ,i struck up a friendship with a certain person called Chloe Prince and she was about to go to Suporn in Chonburi in Thailand to do her FFS Surgery and because she was a friend i made a point of logging onto a web cam every day to give here moral support because she was going through a rough time handling the surgery . We talked a...
bout certain ideas and she mentioned that she would like to start a social networking site for transgender people and said after looking round their was a platform provider called NING. . So after taking a look at the company on the internet who at the time were offering free platforms if you self build . All looked good to me and it also did to Chloe because she started Pink Essence and i went for The Pink Butterfly Network For Transgender People . Anyways the two social networks were launched and for some reason Chloe took offence towards me because she wanted to run with this idea on her own . Anyways after a series of nasty e mails from here our friendship parted . It all seemed very good at this stage but then after a year or so Nings free flatforms were taken away and i was contacted by Ning and told if you want to keep the social network going ,their will be fees being placed on doing it .

So ok because of my support for all transgender people i decided to sink the cost myself for quiet some time ,and Dr Chettawut in Bangkok even contributed $1000.00 to me to help with my sites on the internet and wire transfered this amount to my bank account .

 The problem is this as a site grows it used more band width for its content and obviously every new person that joins has their own page witch is using more space on the site . Unfortunately its not always clear how much a site like that is actually costing in fees to keep on the internet, and because NING HAD MY BANK DETAILS ,they just took the site fees and helped their self . It became obvious that it was going to cost quiet a lot to keep this social networking site on the internet and with most people prefering to use face book ,i made the decision to close it down . The obvious choice now was to use social media that was free and face book fits that bill ,and that is why i built 4 groups and ten separate  pages and recreated The Pink Butterly Network on here. Its a popular choice and one that makes sence to be honest . As for chloe prince well she went on the tv in the usa ,claimed she got stung by a bee that brought on a syndrome that caused all her hormones to go wrong. We never got that friendship back unfortunately . But that is how Pink Butterfly came about on Face Book. 

Pink Butterfly is made up of friends and support groups as well as its news and links pages along with a 12 room chat room site.

Pink Butterfly now has several thousand members on its groups and massive support for its pages on Face Book ,and below I have listed with links some of these.





    The Link For The Pink Butterfly Network is this   https://www.facebook.com/groups/464021256985740/ 


   The Link For Pink Butterfly "The Gate Way "is this     https://www.facebook.com/groups/521834827850115/ 


    The Link For Trans Friends is this    https://www.facebook.com/groups/255775507810246/ 


    The Link For The Chatroom site is this   http://yahoo-pulse-friends-worldwide-network.webs.com/ 



    The link to this is this    https://www.facebook.com/Trans-Friends-130621857086904/



    The Link to this is this     https://www.facebook.com/ThePinkButterflyTransWorldwideNews/




What is the Pink Butterfly Network

The Pink Butterfly Network is three things

Firstly its a space on the internet wear Transgender and Transsexual and intersexed people can use

Secondly its a support and technical information platform .

And Third   its a place to create friendships within the transgender and Transsexual community.

Why do I build and run this network  ?

The simple answer is this :  Im a post op transsexual woman who cares very darely about others like myself  who are within the transgender and transsexual  community. ,and this is my way of giving something  back to this .

Love And Respect

Tina Marie Phillips,  11/03 /2016