........One ...Womens ...Battle ..With ...Transsexuality......

In the 1980s  I used to Dj at Nottinghams Caberet Club and do Transgender Evenings while doing this ,I met this man  at nottinghams ritzy night club the night it opened  ,they also had mel and kim on  that night ..  this sound track is also the theme track on my website  Tinas Transgender World  .  Some years ago a friend of mine did a review on my website her name  was Susan Larson  ,she owns and runs the  website Susans Transgender  Resources ,this is what she wrote " I think that Tinas Transgeder World  is probably the best transitional website  ever launched on the internet "  ,susan thanks so much ,your probably right . this is the link to susans who im proud to call a friend  https://www.susans.org/    the 31st of march 2016 was the transgender day of visibility  and my videos on this page pay tribute to this day .



           This was my video I made for my page called Tinas Disney photo shows  at Nottinghams Victoria Centre .


                   the video I made to mark  the return of Emmets  Water Clock in the Victoria Centre, Nottingham.


                                                        Getting My Hair Done with Clare at Sher -Plus  Two.


This is my You Tube collection of the videos ive launched on You Tube to commemorate Transgender VIisibility

In April 2016  I decided to create and launch a you tube channel .     I decided to do this because I wanted to raise peoples  opinions in the real world on how they see Transgender people and to raise Transgender awareness .   I hope you like the videos I have made ,because this is all new to me and something I have not done before.   I found the whole experience more than inspiring  to do and met a lot of wonderful people doing it .      The second reason I built this page is in honour of my mother Gladys ,who has been my rock through the ten years I took doing my transition .So I would like to dedicate this page to mum .                While shooting these videos mum passed away in Nottinham s Queens Medical Centre on the 06/04/2016 ,she was my rock the person who stood bye me as her child she bore in 1955 and who accepted me as her daughter.

                                This is my video of getting my hair done with  Toni & Guy at Boots Victoria Centre


             This is my video of getting my hair done with Bumble and Bumble hair care products in Boots Nottingham


                                                This is my Facial Makeover with    Lancome.Cosmetics


                                                                      My Facial Makeover With Liz Earl




                                                                My Facial Makeover With No 7 Cosmetics



                                     My Facial Makeover With Hayley at Channel ,Victoria Centre ,Nottingham.




                               The Facial Makeover I Did With  MAC Cosmetics at their new shop in Nottingham

                                                   This is my facial makeover with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

                                                                        My Photo  Shoot With Clinique


                                                                        My Facial Makeover with  Dior


                                            This was Facial Makeover #2 with Benefit of Sanfrancisco 16/04/2016


                                This was my facial  makeover  done with Kelsay at Urban  Decore  in Nottingham


                                            Getting My Queen Of Hearts Makeover  With Lush Cosmetics.

                             Getting My Nails Tips Done with Nail Art By  Hannah at USA Nails Nottingham.


                                                     Getting My Nail infills done at USA Nails ,Nottingham


                                                         My Wonder woman makeover with Urban Decay


                                                                Tinas Koi Pond And Japanes Garden


                                                          Meeting The Girls At Lush Cosmetics .Nottingham.