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                    My Trip To The USA In April 2010

On April the 1st 2010 i boarded the national express coach and headed to london -heathrow airport to catch the delta airways flight to Sarasota in Florida,on the way i had to do a change over of flights and changed aircraft at Atlanta -Georgia .         The first photo shows myself at that airport with one of the staff outside a perfume outlet at the airport there .






Eventually  after several more hours flight time in the evening i arrived at Sarasota in Florida,and was duly met by Veronika a friend i had met while running the Pink Butterfly Friends Network that i built as several websites on the internet  for.

Veronika escorted me to the car a red Ford Mustang covertable and by now it was getting dark outside but on the way back to her house she showed me the harbour and part of Sarasota .

Well after so many years of wanting to see the United States i was finally hear at last and my five week tour of the usa was finally under way .

One of the things that was organised for me while in Florida was to be the guest of honour at a special Transgender evening thrown and organised by the West Coast Transgender Group based in florida and the following photo show me at that evening in Sarasota .



Im in the middle on this photo ,sitting outside the venue for the special transgender evening in Sarasota



     While in Florida i was able to see alot of other things including Walt Disney World in Orlando -Florida .                  I stayed at the Lake Beuna Vista Palace Hotel  and bought a hopper pass that allowed me to travel to several diferant disney parks in orlando within a three day period .

The first photo shows me at the Magic Kingdom  at Disney World and some of the great things a saw there after crossing the lake on the mississippi paddle steamer ferry to reach the fairy tale castle .








One of the things i especially wanted to do was viset the beach in florida and be able to take some time out and just relax away from the grueling 5 week schedule that i had set myself  with all the internal flights and connections i had set up .           Im not normally a person who likes sitting in the sun too much on beaches but i just had to take the oppertunity to put on my bikini and take a few photos on the beach in sarasota .           The following photos show these shots . 









Well after two weeks in sunny Florida wear i saw many things including the famouse Disney World and attractions like Disneys Animal Kingdom and of course Epcot at night with its wonderful fire works display that was nearly as good as the one at the Magic Kingdom that i shot a video of.   So it was time to head off for part two of my 5 week journey across the USA.                   The next stage of my journey would take me across the usa on an internal flight to another state and another friend called Bobbie Jane , but first i had to travel to Branden Airport to catch this flight .         Branden is a small airport when you look at ones like the one i went through at Hethrow/ London and also in Atlanta and closes at night and opens up each morning prety early to see the first flights away each day .      This next part would take me to Wisconcin ,famouse for its cheese and dairy produce .            The Aircraft a small one this time took off from Branden and took me to Minisota  wear i had to catch the link aircraft that would get me all the way to Wisconcin .

After a short flight i arrived at Mitchel Airport and made my way to wear i would be collected by Bobbie and Zoey .                               I soon found them both sitting in the main lobby at the airport and i guess they recognised me as soon as they saw me coming down the escalator towards them .     We had a massive hugs and said our greetings to each other and headed off to Bobbie Janes car and back to wear she lived in Saukville .

Saukville is a prity quaint little town thats sorta in the middle of no wear to be honest and bobbies house is just out of town .           We soon reached a diner wear bobbie wanted me to try the American version of English fish and chips ,and it was very nice and i enjoyed it .           From there we took to the road again and headed to Saukville wear bobbie jane lived .                    Bobbie has a nice place there set in 10 acres of woodland with conifers and broadleaf trees planted on it            The following photo shows myself standing outside the front of the house  in Saukville .




While staying with bobbie at her house i was able to get to travel around parts of the usa that were very interesting and these included places like Milwaukee ,Chicago, Detroit, also bobbie booked a special evening out for us at The Fox and Hounds .           This was a wonderful eating and drinking venue cituated a few miles from Saukville well out in the Wisconcin countryside and the following photo shows bobbie and myself in our Zebra dresses standing outside that evening .




One of my passions has always been motorbikes from being very young and one of the other places i was able to viset was the Harley Davidson Museum at Milwaukee .

I dont know wether you might recall the famouse film Easy Rider with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper a cult film of its day and some of the next photos show these two chopperised Harley Davidsons  and also myself trying out the drivers seat on a few of the amazing machines the museum had , and oh yes thats a genuine ladys Stetson Hat ,i was given this as a gift  from one of my great friends Memphisbell Lynn 5 years ago who also lives in Williams Bay in Wisconcin .








While staying in wisconcin Bobbie Jane threw a party at her ranch style house and invited alot of people she knew to come that evening these inlcuded people at various stages of there transitions and evan included a female to male Transsexual .                  The party went well and i was able to take photos and to shoot video for my feature film the Real Trans America ,that i had been shooting all over the USA at all the places i had viseted .

The next photo showes Bobbie Jane and myself sitting together that evening on her couch in her tv room at her house in Saukville -usa




Bobbie Jane has now completed her srs in bangkok with Dr Chettawut after a recomendation from myself ,and im only glad i was able to help a friend acheeve there own journey after so many years of wanting to be there inner self .     Bobbie Jane "You Go Girl "

The next photo shows myself with another of the guests of that party that night and her name was Kendra she was there with her boyfriend and they stopped over the night at Bobbie Janes house ,and left the next morning .       I enjoyed meeting this couple and they both shot some video for my film The Real Trans America .   It was good to see the relationship that could be acheeved between a transsexual and a guy and i truly wished them well in life .




It was a really nice evening and i filterted amoung the guests at the party meeting lots of bobbies guests and shooting small video clips .       

The next couple of photos show myself at one of those 50's style american diners streight out of the film American Graffiti  a film i so much love and evan have the sound track on an old vinal album ,with its roller scateing girls with there trays serving drive in customers

I half expected to hear Wolfman Jack being broadcast over the radio lol     "Whos That On The Wolfman Radio"  Hi its Jo from Littlerock.




Below shows my original vinal double album cover when opened up of the soundtrack and of course "Mells Drive In "






While with bobbie jane and zoey drove me around locally to see lots of  touresty things that  visetors like to see  and alot of these were cituated around the Wisconcin area and the next photo shows myself at one of these ,this was one of the  covered bridges that still exist in the united states and i think maby have been used in the feature film "The Bridges Of Madison County " with Clint Eastwood .








Another place i managed to viset was the Milwaukke  Domes  this is sorta the American version of the Eden Project like we have in the uk that ive also viseted  .      The domes are three massive dome shaped greenhouses that house diferant collections of plants .     There a temperate zone  and  a arid zone that was full of big cactus and desert loving plants .     

The following couple of photos show me at the Milwauki Domes . 






Each day while staying in Wisconcin Bobbies partner used to run me to one of the big food stores and i used to buy a large piece of fish usually cod and cook it in the microwave at her house .   On these visets for provisions i always kept meeting this guy there ," I think he had a thing about me -giggles "

The next photo shows this guy .






Well the big day finally came for us to head off to Niagra falls ,and the mamoth 12 hour drive began ,we had the car loaded with provisions and music in the cd player located in the boot of the car .  Bobbie Jane took spells with Joey driving because of how far it was .

On the way to niagra we had a call to make at a place called Southgate and after a few hours on the road we eventually found this little town in the middle of nowear and living at Southgate was Arlene a post op girl who still lived with the wife after her transition and they had agreed to put all three of us up for the night wich was alfully good of them because i had never met them before .      So ok this was more film for my Real Trans America Video i was shooting .          The following photos show our viset to Southgate and of course Arlene T GIRL .  

Well it was steak time now and we headed off to Logans Steakhouse wear i had what must have been about half a cow on my plate ,it was a massive piece or sirloin cooked to perfection and all five of us sat round shared this meal and laughed and joked for maby about an hour .

The following photos show Logans







South-Gate is a small town that seemed locked in a time warpe back in the late fifties and early sixties ,and again it was a carbon copy of the film mentioned in a paragraph above American Graffiti .  On certain saturday nights there they had cruise offs wear all the customised cars would cruise up and down the main drag showing the customisation that had been done to these cars that were fantastic replicas of the hot rods from that era the 1950;s and early 60's .    Evan the iced custard palour in the photo above had survived from a bygone era .

Arlene and the wife wanted to take us all out for a steak meal and we all loaded into there rather spacious car and headed for a tour of southgate before we headed for the steak house .

They took us a guided tour of southgate and dropped in at a rather unusual venue owned by a dresser who had a passion for running a store that sold items to the trans community ,the following photo show this unusual outlette .




Not really my scene to be honest ,but it was worth a laugh and i did enjoy talking to the sales assistant ,and she pulled this website Tinas Transgender World  up on the pc on the counter and i told her i would put a photo or two up of this place ,well my word is good lol .


Well after a great meal at logans wear Arlene bought me that $25.00 steak we headed beck to thier house in Southgate  and i ended spending the night on the bed setee in the lounge .

The next morning after getting washed and a cup of coffee we hit the road again on our way to Niagra Falls .   After a few more hours on the road it was time to find our stop over for the night and this turned out to be a motel called The Red Carpet Inn .      The next two photos show The Red Carpet Inn.






After staying the night at the Redcarpet Inn we needed to push on towards niagra falls and Bobbie Jane couldant get an internet connection very good there and didant like the motel too much so we found another motel just before Niagra Falls .       The last part of the journey was going to be navigated by useing a sat  nat navigation system in Bobbie Janes car but unfortunately this seemed to mess up and we ended up in Ontario -Canada instead of New York state and this ment that we had to cross back through customs from canada to the united states instead .      This was a drawn out procedure ,that didant worry me too much to be honest ,but they made us sit in a room and checked our passports wich didant worry me again because my passport had taken me with its female gender marker all over the world .              Eventually after the use of a map we arrived at Niagra falls wich in my eyes is one of the seven wonders of the world ,a truly amazing site with its Horseshoe falls and it seemed split into two parts the canadian falls and the american falls .

The following set of photos show us at Niagra Falls on the american side.








One of the things i wanted to do while at Niagra Falls was sail on the famouse maid of the mist .  You get your blue waterproof capes with hoods and board the tiny boat and head for an amazing experiance .      The following video clip shows this experiance and why this ship gets its name .



Also on the tour we got to viset the Niagra Falls museum wear they had the objects like barrels and capsules that people over the years had ridden over this massive waterfall " How brave or daft can you get lol ".                        At the side of Niagra Falls was a viewing tower wear you can see Onterio -Canada on the other side of the river and these are a few photos of myself up that tower ,with some feline friends .






 Well  Niagra Falls was really a mind blowing experiance a sort of once in a lifetime trip that you never really think you might make and one ill certainly never forget .

When i was a young child my grandmother gave me a holiday brochure on Canada and on the front was a photo of Niagra Fall and that photo stuck in my mind and this trip made that photo real for me .

So it was now time for the long trip back to Wisconcin with Bobbie and Zoey who took it in turns to drive back and finished was one really amazing trip to Niagra .

I personally want to thank both the girls for takeing the time to take me to Niagra and all the hours they spend driving that car to get me there       Thank you Girls.


Heading For San-Diego -Seqouia National Park and Hollywood May 2010


Well my time was now up in Wisconcin and i had to leave my great host Bobbie Jane .

Bobbie after i had packed dropped me back at Michelle Airport and i waited for the connection that would take me onto Sandiego .        One thing that struck me at the airport was the exibit to that great aviator Charles Linburge and his aircraft " The Spirit Of St-Louis ". 

The flight wasant to bad it was short compared with some i had done previously and i soon arrived at San -Diego airport ,collected my luggage and headed for wear i was to meet Paula my great friend from San-Diego .              Sure fire Paula was there waiting for me at the bottom of the escalator ,she soon spotted me i guess we had met before in Thailand .

After a wonderful reunion greeting we headed  for her house in Fallbrook just outside San-Diego and she explained she had booked me a room in the Welcome Inn a  spanish style villa hotel just at the bottom of her road wear she lived .     It was a comfey hotel with good accomidation and i enjoyed relaxing and watching the humming birds dancing while sipping the nector from the hibiscus plants outside my balcony window.

The next day it was off to collect Pamela another great friend from San -Diego who is Cambodian but lived in the USA now .

So now after meeting Pamela and having a big hug we left pams car at her relitives house and hit the road heading through the wonderful growing region that took us through the thousands of oranges ,lemons and grapefruite growing in this wonderfull valley that seemed so bountiful with its citrus fruit and grapes that made californian wine .

As we approached the sierra nevada mountain range the tempreture certainly dropped a few degrees every mile we drove and i got my first glimse of a wonderful landscape with its snow capped mountains and the land of the big trees .

The next photos shows myself at the Sequoia National Park and some of the photos i took of the giant Californian Redwoods ,anazing trees from a bygone age .





Paula took it in turns with Pam to drive and slowley we climed the mountain road that took us up 10,000 feet in to the mountain range and the land of the giant seqouia's.

The next photos show this amazing place with its wonderful scenery and majestic trees .   The next morning we were off to look round and see some of the sites of seqouia national park and especially the General Sherman Tree . The next Group of photos shows some of the wonderful views of this wilderness high in the Siera Nevada Mountains and also little Pam the Cambodian friend who lives in sandiego .










On arrival we checked into our rooms at one of the little lodges that was cituated in amoung the giant trees basking in the snows of the spring melt        The next photos shows General Sherman Tree ,thought to be the biggest living thing on this planet in shear size and bulk.

Facts about this tree.The General Serman Tree is said to be the largest living thing on this planet and is 1.600 years old and 270 high . Its not the tallest tree by any means  Douglas Firs on Vancouver Island have been measured upto 417 feet tall but with its shear bulk of living tisue and board feet of timber and shear mass ,the calculations establish it as the record holder .







The evening was good and i managed to look for suveneers in the giftshop in the main reception lodge wear i had quiet a long chat with the young girl who was serving there and she told me that Kings Canyon was beautiful this time of year wuth the waterfalls full of water from the spring melt .

The next photo shows us together in the Seqouia shop .




That evening we decided to eat in the main reasturant at the lodge  and i had a massive burger the type of thing America is famouse for and the three of us had a lovely meal and chatted to the waitress .




Well after a wonderful couple of days out in the wilderness wear i saw bears and other amazing wildlife it was back on the road again on on with our schedule wich would firstly take me to Hollywood and the place they nick named Tinsel Town .    After a few hours driving that saw us wind down the 10.000 feet we had climed to reach Seqouia National Park ,we dropped back down to the lower valley in california and we stopped off to buy some oranges from the  road side .     Pam bought a couple of large bags of oranges to take back with her and gave me a couple to eat while i sat in the front next to Paula in her car ,you cant beat freshly picked oranges they were really very nice .    We soon made good time with the roads not being all that busy really and we passed Los Angeles and reached Hollywood .

The next few photos show myself in "Hollywood "  outside Gromans Chinese Theatre the place they used to hold the film premeures for new movies being released  and also outside Madame Tusauds .








One of the things Hollywood is famouse for is the walkway of the stars and of course that famouse sign perched on the hillside ,the next two photos firstly shows an example of the footprints in the sidewalk with the boot prints of John Wayne and the second photo shows the view through a shopping mall with the famouse Hollywood sign in the distance.,you can just about make it out if you look at the photo carefully.






After a brief stop in Hollywood wear i bought souveneers  and had a look round Hollywood with Paula and Pam for about a couple of hours we headed back to the car and hit the road once again .  


It was now onto San-diego and back to the Welcome Inn just at the bottom of paulas street in Fall brook and one night their .       This is very nice hotel and having stayed there for one night when i first arrived i already knew the place and got the same room i had before .    The very next morning paula came and collected me to spend the day with me ,she took an extra day off work to show me round San-Diego and all the sights and places of interest , and more American Style diners .     Sandiego has alot to see to be honest and i was prety impressed with it as a place and it really made its mark on me .

We went up to the highest point in San-Diego wear you can see the massive harbour and wear the lighthouse on the top is cituated , the next photo shows me with the girls in one of those american diners and the view from the top .




We spent a while looking round and ran into a bunch of australians who paula had a chat with and explained i was from the United kingdom there on holiday .         From their it was back down the hill in the car and off to a place wear paula wanted to show me The Hotel Caronado .       We drove through San-Diego and headed for the interesting looking bridge that joined Coronado island to the mainland .         On the way once we had crossed the big bridge we parked the car and this next photo was taken then ,its probably one of my faverates to be honest , nice camera work Paula LOL.




So our next stop would be the famouse Hotel Coronado wear Marylyn Monroe shot the  film "Some Like It Hot" with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon.         This is massive with structure that is so unlike the other buildings round it and is painted white on the outside.    The photo above shows this famouse hotel.




Paula and myself decided to try one of the amazing ice creames inside the hotel and we went out into the gardens at the back and the last two photos show myself in these gardens and the amazing beach right outside at the back of the hotel .