........One ...Womens ...Battle ..With ...Transsexuality......

                                                                                 Part  Two Of My Story

Well its saturday the 21st today and this last week things have moved on nicely ,i got my surgical letters from Dr Chettawut in Bangkok ,one for my ba and trachial shave ops and the other for my srs operation.

A couple of things have cropped up this last week and it made me want to move things regarding my srs foward by a few months ,si ive contacted Dr Chettawut asking him for a new date for my gender reasignment surgery ( srs ),and ive asked for the end of january 2006 ,and im waiting for his reply ( fingers crossed ).

Me electrolysis is moving along now nicely and ive recently switched to a new lady called Sally ,and i must say she seems really good and we have built up quite a freindly relationship in the short while ive been going there ,and become freinds and chat alot ..

Well ive now got my air tickets on Eva Airways ,and my femi fasports all in order ,and just need to purchase my coach tickets now on national express to get down to london heathrow on the alloted date ,and will purchase these closer to the time .

I decided to purchase a set of duratek stents and contacted Alison there at duratek ,and she e mailed me back saying no problems Tina ,ill get a set sent out to you by courier ,and the day after she rang me for my credit card details .

We talked for a while on the phone and discussed srs in thailand ,and she said she was struggling with the staff she had ,and i commented she had better give me a job then ,and she said Tina ,you come and work for me in Saskatuen ,and i commented no thanks dear ,not with the weather you get .

Well after so many years of hell my life is i guess finally destined to be made right ,and the true inner person is finally getting to grips with the light of a whole new world .

Well the great news i had waited for came this sunday ,and while working on my pc an e mail dropped in my mail box from Dr Chettawut ,and WOOOPI i had got my new date i had asked for, for srs and it was rescheduled for the 25th of January 2006 , my wish had been granted .

Well its now Thursday the 13th of October 2005           Its just a few days now to the start of my dream,a thing many times i never thought would be possible .

All my arragements are made and everthings in place to sart this incredable journey ,and its just a stones throw away ,and its funny really to finally realise that after getting your head into gear you now understand whats about to happen in your life ,and there is a nerviousnes , a kind of concern and some worry ,but all this is overshadowed by the sheer marvel of what your about to do .

When you look back and see that young innocent person ,only a small child ,how fate has finally played its hand on things ,and you kinda realise the countless other trans people have been through there own lifes feeling probably prity much as i have.

You also realise its taken a big chunk of my life to reach this threshold ,and its totally mind blowing for me ,and the years thats been wasted living a lie are now finally coming to an end ,and to finally be able to cross over that wall in ones life is really beyond any words i could wright .

Yes these demons are finally gonna be bannished from my life for good !!!!!!!. 

Please see  Tinas Ba and Trachial shave trip page  on this link   http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/mybatrachshavetrip.htm

The start of the bigotry

Despite the fact that my employer had said it was ok to transition at work on the job ,it was prity obvious to me that at work the bigotry was rife and that maby my boss had perhaps changed his attitude to my transition .  Times were getting really tough for me and it was obvious that the level of discrimination was very high especial between myself and three other employees at my company .   You could just feel the bigotry their and it was rife and I could see the whispering behind my back from other employees .        With my first trip coming up fast for the first two weeks to do the first surgeries the boss decided to bring his brother in and employ him at the company  along side me . Obviously this sorta made me wonder if maby I was training up my replacement to take my job .

Having gotten back from my first trip to Bangkok ,I had no holidays left that year to take so I had to slug it out at work in quiet a lot of pain with my breast augmentation ,and believe me it hurt like hell especially lifting things at work ,and obviously with the people I worked with not being great with the bigotry they were not gonna help in any way .

As we approached  the end of the year ,I was counting the days off especially at work and it was really hard not to be able to confide in my feelings to anybody I worked with because out of 6 people that worked at my company ,three of them were definitely  total bigots towards me .  Eventually the last day came round at work ,and Dave my boss and owner of the company was not their on my last day but made a point of ringing up and asking to speak to me on the phone and he said " Tina despite me not really understanding what being trans is about and why you should wish to transition ....I truly wish you well with your surgery trip and told me I had a lot of guts doing it at all "    .I walked home from work that day and I felt a strange  sense of  being on my own now and about to do the biggest thing I would ever do in my life .

Well the day of the big trip was finally here and despite it being a massive thing for me I felt unusually calm for a person that's known to get very  stressed .

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