........One ...Womens ...Battle ..With ...Transsexuality......

                                                                            Part Three Of My Story


After what seemed like an endless journey back home after doing my srs ,it was streight back to work.

It was prity obvious that my work collegues were not gonna assist me in any way and a combination of early mornings late nights doing dilation and strugling at work certainly made this prity hard .

With my normal determination ,i just plowed on at work ,and with the bigotry that was prity evident directed towards me it was makeing things prity tough .

By the time i had completed my shift most days i felt really over tired and sore below wear i was still healing from my srs surgery .

It must have been about a month after i got back ,and while walking home one night from work ,i entered a back street not far from wear i worked ,and in front of me i could see four guys bouncing what apeared to be a couple of large balls .       As i aproached these guys ,a couple of comments were hurled at me and as i walked by i was hit on the back of the head with one of there large balls ( spheres ).

Sooner than cause any problems i pressed on and soon after i got hit again .    By now i was feeling rather upset and swiftly turned round and told them " pack it up or ill call the police ", with this they started to follow me down the road ,and instinctivly knew i had a problem .            I headed out the end of the road with the four guys following me and headed towards southglade park

With this i quickened my pace and headed for the park entrance ,the next thing i knew one of the guys had swung one of the balls made out of clear plasic and hit me streight in the face .

The next thing i knew i was on the floor on the pavement next to the main road ,and instictivly went to feel my face and and could see blood was pouring out of some sort of wound around my nose .

At this point with my head nearly on the side of the road i was hesitant to move at all and very slowly tipped my head one way then the other .

My handbag had been stolen with my money and works keys in it ,and i just wondered what to do next ,i was in a terrible state.

The next thing i saw was a truck pull up and a guy heading towards me . He quickly reached me and said " hell whats happened to you ducky " , and i replyed that i had been assulted and my bag stolen , within a few minuets the police had arrived and an ambulence followed on .

I was taken to the Queens Medical Centre in nottingham and after sitting in casulty for what seemed like ages ,was given an x-ray on my face and nose .      There were no broken bones but the blow had smashed my nose in and split it down the top dorsal ridge ,and it looked a right mess .       My clothing was red with blood and my parents arrived at the hospital and mother commented just what a mess i looked .    After being patched up they released me to go home ,and shortly afterwards after arriving home the police came for my statement .        Within two days i was back at work with my face black and blue and my nose looking a right mess .

Within a week Dr Chettawut was sending me two e mails and telling me not to worry because when i went back for my ffs surgery he would do his best to sort my nose out .

                                                                                         " Tricky  Decission Time "


By now i had already made a tentative booking with Dr Ousterout in Sanfrancisco for my female feminisation surgery at a cost of $45.000 us dollars ,and had a date to get it done .

With things not being good at work with no help or assistance from my work mates it was prity obvious with so many things going on and trying to deal with healing from srs ,a vicious attack ,my dilation reuteen ,i was starting to feel over burdened and had to make a couple of decisions .

Fistly i knew that with the bigotry at work and the attitude towards me that my job of 16 years was probably have to go ,and having a discussion with the owner of the company ,i asked if maby because we were slightly over staffed ,wether i might be made redundant under the circumstances .      After a couple of days i was told that ok a package would be put together so i was able to leave with severance pay .

This now caused problem number two ,with a bill of $45.000 us dollars to pay to go to the usa and Dr Ousterout , i knew with having no job it wasant gonna be possible ,so i e mailed Mira and explained my cituation ,and she said no problem .

After looking at my finances and the money i had goten from leaving my job i knew that i needed another option for my ffs surgery .

After talking it out with my family i decided to contact Dr Chettawut ,and after asking about all the proceedures Dr O had said i needed done ,i managed to work a deal out with Dr Chettawut for around the $20.000 mark to do the surgery

After another false start with a date set for thailand because of being unwell ,i reset my date for april 2007 to fly back the bangkok to do my face surgery .

Obviously i had no income or job now so it didant really matter how long i was there in thailand as long as i didant go over 30 days because of the visa cituation .

The preperations were all made the deposite sent by wire transfer and my air ticket purchased ,and april was soon on me very quickly .

So it was time to make journey number three back to thailand and the surgery that would make srs seem like a breeze in the park .

Please read my female feminisation Story page to read about this story on this link   http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/myffssurgerystory.htm


After getting back from trip numer three and finally getting my ffs out the way and with another four weeks in thailand under my belt ,i had no job and no living coming in and so knew that i had to find new direction now ,so decided to look for somthing completely new ,and after doing alot of thinking about this decided to follow up on a lead i had been given by sally my electrologist ,and this was to learn about doing nail extensions ,in other words train to be a nail tech .


After a couple of weeks of walking the streets and trying diferant locations and areas ,i decided to viset hockley , an area that holds alot of trendy clothes shops and hairdressing salons and spotted a small shop premises up for rent .            After contacting the property agents and viewing the premises and meeting the owner , i decided the the small shop premises that had been renovated was ideal for what i was looking for .        I took the lease on and payed the securty deposite and in octobet 2008 started to build tinas transform nails.

Please see my story and page on the building of Tinas Transform Nails .


The Nail Salon looked great in all its glory ,but I had one major problem ,I couldant get anybody to work their and after a few weeks it was evident that turning business away like I was because of no staff ment I couldant earn enough to cover the rent ,the rates property tax and pay myself a wage.

After a few months I again had to make a critical decision on what to do ,and that was to close the business down before I started to run into financial problems .  Its was the wise thing to do evan though it broke my heart having to make that decision .     Obviously I had to clear all the fixtures and fitting from the shop premises and give the own of the premises the keys back and managed to get a friend with a van to help me remove all my things back to my house.   All this equipement and fittings needed storing away so I decided to put them all in the roof attick of my house up in the loft space .  I had just about completed this when " CRASH " I had walked head first into one of the large wooden beams holding the roof up .  This just about knocked me out ,I literally saw stars and it took my breath away for a few moments .    What I hadent realised though was that the blow wich ended up on my forehead was right wear Dr Chettawut had ground down the brow ridging when he did the forehead ffs ,and this had left just a very thin layer of bone protecting the frontal sinus region and as it turned out this had wrecked the frontal sinus and destroyed the bone paste filler these surgeons use in Thailand to smooth out the forhead after the forehead surgery procedure.   Within a week I was in constant pain and the first of the infections started and after seeing my doctor managed to get a referral to see Mr Rowson ,the Max Facial Surgeon at the Park Hospital in Nottingham .  He immediately suggested I did a CT scan on the forehead are and this was arranged and it cost me £600 to get it done and on the follow up consultation he showed me the scan results on screen at the hospital and it was prity obvious the blow had caused a serious problem .    Mr Rowson advised that I saw Dr Ansule Sama an ENT specialist and again this was done privately and with having the results from the scan he wasant to sure what could be done ,but after further thought suggested an operation going up through the nose to the area of the frontal sinus .   After talking about cost wich turned out to be £3,330 at the Park Hospital the operation was done using an endoscope up the nose .    This I hoped might help sort the cituation ,but apart from giving me serious nose bleeds for two weeks did nothing to rectify the cituation .  Again I saw Mr Rowson at the Nuffield hospital in Nottingham and frankly he said apart from sticking a metal plate in your face to repair the hole ,their isant much elso I can do ,and if I had any options open with my contacts abroad ,he ment Thailand to investigate these .   The weeks and months rolled by and with the pain and constant facial infection caused by leakage from the nose and sinus into the face round the eyes I had probably over 30 separate infections in the upper face .    Frankly I was e mailing just about anybody and everybody I knew and that included Professor Kunchack in Bangkok ,and Dr Suporn ,in Chonburi and of course Dr Preecha and lastly my own surgeon Dr Chettawut .   Their were several sugestrions made and various offers and prices bantered about ,but in the end Dr Chettawut e mailed me and told me to get a flight to Bangkok and he would see what he could do .      For the story of this ,please see my Forehead Repair Trip Page .

Having what i think of as a major cotastrophy  sorted by Dr Chettawut   that if it hadent been sorted i hate to think what might of happened to me ,i felt the gods must have been with me in a big way .     To celibrate what i concidder to be one of the worst events ill ever suffer and go through in my life decided i needed something to celibrate my more than lucky escape ,so decided i wanted to travel and the USA was wear i wanted to go .  Because of all the sites ive built and run on the internet over the years in support of Trans people ,many people in the USA offered me places to stay for as long as i wanted ,so i quickly put together a schedule that would incorporate several parts of the USA on the trip ,starting in Sarasota in Florida ,then on to Wisconcin and then onto California and all this would take place in April -May 2010 .            To see the photos and read the story please see ," My Trip To The USA In 2010

Its now 2012

After looking at photos from the 2010 trip i could see that my lower face had sagged quiet a lot and i know its advisable after doing ffs surgery to give it time with the lower face to see how it all settles down and in my case it looked not to good .   So again i wondered if it might be possible to do some sort of lower face lift and decided to contact Dr Chettawut again .  He was pleased to hear from me and i asked if it might be appropriate to do a lower face lift and he came back and said he didant see why not .      So for the 6th and final time i decided to arrange another trip to Bangkok ,Thailand .  The cost of this surgery would be $4,500 ,and with the air fairs it totalled up to quiet a sum again and i would be staying at my old hotel the Baan Siri for two weeks to complete the surgery and then off to Phuket ,a place i had always wanted to viset then back to Bangkok for the final week and a one week stay at the Dussit Princess in Seacon Square .    Again for the 6th time i travelled down to London and caught the jet to Bangkok and went and did the preposed surgery with no problems at all .  I think the strange thing about being at my old hotel was the fact i was their on my own for two weeks with no other patients their at the Baan Siri .   In Phuket i stayed at Patong Beach ,and again it was really quiet lonely their and in some respects i was glad to get back to Bangkok .   Soon after i caught the flight back to the UK and Heathrow Airport.  This is the only photo from that trip taken in Sizlers in the Seacon Centre ,Bangkok

Over the next few months it became evident that things were not good at home with my father and after doing a scan and seeing several specialists at the hospital ,he was diagnosed with Dementia .    His condition soon escalated to full blown Altzeimers and this turned a happy family into a daily crisis with my fathers condition and at one point he went missing for 11 hours and we ended up having to file a missing persons report at the police station .  He eventually turned up and had ended up miles from home and some very kind person had found him and put him in a taxi cab ,payed the driver and sent him home .     Over the next months his condition got critical and basically his brain just went and he didant know who or what he was ,what day it was or anything .     This became soul destroying for me seeing my father who I very muched loved a lot ,turn from being dad into a virtual cabage .    All this played very heavelly on mother and I could see the stress was really getting to her a lot .

This particular morning I went to try and get my father up and I could see he was in a right state ,so struggled to get him down stairs and into the kitchen to get his breakfast but he was so weak he couldant keep food or drink in his mouth .    I immediately knew I had to get an ambulance out to the house ,and once it came they loaded him up and took him to the queens medical centre .   The next day the hospital rang up to say how critical he was ,and very much advised up to come to the hospital today because he may well die .    We quickly got out stuff ready and ordered a taxi cab and went straight to the hospital .    He had developed  a bad chest infection and i clearly remember sitting next to him holding his hand and quietly talking to him.    What i didant realise it would be the last time i saw my father alive .      Acouple of hours after we got home ,the hospital rang and said he had passed away .,i felt empty ,totally gutted with a massive sense of loss and must have cried on and off over the next few weeks right upto the funeral that i had to arrange at Wilford Hill in Nottingham ,that's wear he was cremated .

I could sense the great loss mother was going through because they had been married for 55 years and they were dedicated and everything to each other .   Soon after this mother had the first of her two strokes that eventually would leave her partly paralised from the waist down to her feet .

In just a few months i had seen my whole family ripped apart and my father dead and my mother paralised.      Soon after this one day while trying to walk she ended up having a bad fall in the house and completely wrecked her hip on one side .  Again i had to ring the emergency servies and get an ambulance out to her ,and they took her into hospital and operated the next day ,having to do a hip replacement on one side .   For the next 7 weeks i virtually  travelled nearly every day to the hospital to go and see her .   The following photos show the hospital visets




By now it was 2012 and because of all we had been through ,i decided that i really wanted to give mother something special to help her get over loosing my father and also the terrible time she had been going through with her strokes and that damaged hip .   So after some thought i figured why not take her on a holiday of a lifetime .   And my mind seriously looked at the USA again  ,so after a few months to arrange it with having to get her a passport and travel insurance the trip was arranged and in September 2013 mother and myself flew to Orlando in Florida.

To see the story with photos of this trip ,please see the page  "American Trip 2013 "