........One ...Womens ...Battle ..With ...Transsexuality......








  Well the big day had finally arrived and it was the 21st of january 2006 and this was the day i had wanted most of my life.

Below is my story of my trip to Bangkok,Thailand for my Gender Reasignment surgery with Dr Chettawut.

Its saturday the 21st of january and i was being collected by my friend dj again just like he did on my last trip to Thailand.            In front of me was a journey of 6.500 miles again  back to Bangkok to collect my dream.         Armed with my two trolly cases  ,i was duley collected as promised from my home in nottingham and dropped at the broad marsh bus station in the city centre of nottingham.

It was a bitterly cold day hear and i stood and waited for the national express coach to pick me up and take me down to london /heathrow airport.        The coach pulled in and i managed to get my big case in under the coach with the other peoples luggage and took my little hand luggage case along with my laptop and handbag on the coach with me.

So armed with my bag of sandwiches and a bottle of water to drink we headed out of Nottingham and down the motorway down to London .



My black handbag contained all my documents,passport & money and my surgical letter given me by Dr Chettawut .       We eventually reached the central bus station at Heathrow after quiet a long run down to London  and i disembarked and collected my case from under the coach.

The main entrance to terminal three looked very inviting  and i headed into the entrance wear it was nice and warme and was greeted with a maize of corridoors and a whole lot of signs giving directions to everywear.              At  least i was out of the cold weather and inside and had just gotten here before the last hours of daylight had disapeared .

I found myself a luggage trolly and i must admit it was a tremendas help not having to handle all these bags about ,and with my bags loaded i headed for the check in desk so i could lighten my load evan more by getting rid of my big trolly case ,and get it checked in .           I asked a couple of airport attendants as to wear EVA Airways check in desk was ,and i quickly found it and joined the cue of people waiting to check in there luggage .

I knew instinctavly i was over weight with my cases ,but proceded to throw a bit of a daft one with the guy on the check in desk  ,and gave him the tale " im sorry but my scales at home dont work to well " he smiled and said dont worry miss your ok .           I then decided to push my luck evan further  and got my surgical letter out and proceded to ask if it might be possible to get an isle seat ,at wich he replyed " ok miss phillips if you go back round the corner and see the lady in the green outfit and tell her i sent you to get your seat reasigned  to an isle seat " , so i did this and after alot of smiles and a thank you from myself ,i headed off into the airport and the duty free section .           Once there i purchased a bottle of pink champeign as i wanted this to celibrate my srs after it had been done ,and this cost me £20 .00.

As i got closer to departure time i headed off to one of the arrivals boards  that showed departure time and what point from ,and as i looked i saw that my flight br068 was calling passengers to the departure point already .          So off i went again down what seemed like miles of coredoors  and moving pavements to the departure point my flight left from .            As i aproached this point i could see in the twilight of the evening my aircraft a green and white jet and it was loading luggage and supplies ,and this time it was gonna be a 777 ,instead of the 747 i flew on last time . 




The anouncement came would all passengers catching the flight to Tapei via Bangkok please start boarding ,so without adoo i headed for the line of passengers boarding the 777 and showed my boarding pass and my passport and made my way onto the aircraft and to my seat .              Once in my seat  i realised i wasant far from the nearest toilet and waited to see who was going to be sitting next to me ,but to my suprise the seat belt lights came on and the aircraft started to taxi down to the runway ready for taking off ,it was obvious now i had a block of three seats to myself .              So as i was sitting in the isle seat on the outside this gave me the option of three diferant seats if i wanted them .

After a while of watching the tv on the back of the seat in front of me and studying the sky compass i could see just wear we were regarding the flight and the air speed and altitude of 36.000 feet .            I decided to experiment with the arm rests and soon found i could lift the middle ones up wich created one long seat  and spread the three blankets across and put the pillows at the window side and proceeded to lay down on the makeshift bed i had created for myself .          It wasant long before i was getting funny looks from the other passengers ,but i guess it was also a look of envy because they only had the one seat that they were cramped up in .         Soon after i started to dose of a bit and i knew with an 11 hour flight in front of me ,it was probably the best way to kill the time by sleeping .

On my first trip a few months back i was lucky enough to have a nice guy sitting next to me who was very sociable and we chatted alot and this killed the time ,no sutch look luck on this flight  so this time i ended up speaking to no body for 11 hours exceprt the cabin crew .       Well the hours did roll bye and i could see by looking at the sky compass on the tv that i was almost there ,and the seat belt lights lit up again telling passengers to fasten there belts and i could feel the landing gear being lowered .

Idecided to look out the aircraft window to see if i could catch a glimse of Bangkok from the air ,but all i could see was the aircrafts wings out the window .





 Looking out the aircraft window , hopeing to get my first view of bangkok ,but only seeing the wings and the clouds.





Well i was finally hear in Thailand the place wear i was gonna do my gender reasignment operation that would alter my life forever and give me the gift i had always wanted and it was just hours away now .

I made my way off the aircraft and headed for passport controll and handed in the two little slips i had filled in on the aircraft , and i had no problems at bkk ( bangkok airport ) at all .

What stuck me was that the moment you step off the aircraft you can smell the millions of smells of Thailand far away from the uk wear i had boarded the flight and these were the smell of the orient .            They stapled one of the slips to my passport  and i headed off to collect my luggage from the conveyor belt but bye the time i had got there and secured my self a luggage trolly my case had already been taken off the belt and was at the side of it waiting for me to collect it .

My next worry was if anybody was there to collect me from the airport ,but just in case i had a couple of phone numbers to ring ,and one of these was Tairs phone number ,Dr Chets wife .           I swung forward and to the left through the exit doors towards the main entrance, i could see the people waiting to meet passengers off the flights that were arriving into Bangkok .        As i got nearer it was a sea of name boards and signs with people hopeing to attract sombodys attention ,and taxi drivers try to get fairs .           I slowed right down and tried to glance at the name boards while pushing my luggage on the baggage trolly , and as i got closer the funnel of people got closer and smaller  and i heard a person shout TINA TINA ,it was nut one of dr chettawuts girls along with his driver ,they had come to collect me from the airport .

We made a nice greeting with each other and had a nice hug as well ,and at that moment the smile returned to my face more out of releif than anything that i had got this far and had been met up with as planned .           We stood and chatted while the driver collected the big black camry from the parking space ,and then once he got hear we loaded the luggage into the car boot and headed out the airport and off across Bangkok to the Bann Siri hotel .

Its strange really but i felt like i was almost coming home again after the last months of waiting for this trip .               As we aproached the hotel i looked for the big yellow sign that was at the main entrance wear you come in to the Siri .........and there it was !!!!!!.

In the car i was given my itinary that i had to work to ,and i quickly glanced through it and put it back in the envolope and what struck me streight away was the fact that the itinary gave instructions about what not to eat on the flight ,strange how was i to know that i hadent seen this instruction because i had only just received the itinary .     The clensing instructions was to have been started before i arrived ,but how was i to know that . , but thats the thai people for you i guess !..

The black car pulled up to the main entrance at the hotel and the doorman came out and polightly opened the car door for me ,and i stepped out and the driver took my luggage into the main reception area .             The maid quickly appeared with a large trolly  and proceeded to load my luggage onto it ,ready to go upto my room .       I made for the main desk and said its Tina Marie Phillips ,and the lady behind the desk said " no problems miss Phillips ,its room 815 .        This pleased me so much because that room had centimental value for me because it was the room i stayed in last time i came here , and dr chettawut had kept his promice and got me my old room .             I signed the guest book and asked for a security box and was asked "small or large miss phillips " and i went for the large one because of all my jewelry and paperwork i wanted to keep safe .                The maid showed me to the lift and we both got in with the trolly with my luggage on board and we went upto floor 8 .            Once there i put the keys in the lock opened the door and the memories of my trip in 2005 came flooding back to me .         The maid unloaded the luggage and left and i glanced around the room and everything was just as i had remembered from last time.                I took a few minuets to sit down on a stool in front of the dressing table with the mirror at the back  ,and my thoughts quickly went to thinking "well your finally hear ,you made it " and this would be the start of my greatest test in life and my biggest thing i had ever done .

I took one of the cans of orange a ( fanta ) out of the mini drinks cabinet ,and slowly sipped it to quench my thirst ,and it was nice and cold ,and i really enjoyed it .             Idecided to glance at the itinary again to read the instructions ,and it was clear to me ,the instructions had started before i got hear ,how was i to know about these things ? , and as far as laxatives were concerned i hadent bought any with me anyway .

                                        This was the big yellow sign you see when you enter the Baan Siri Hotel


 I decided to get unpacked as it was early evening now and get all my clothes stowed away before Paula arrived but then realised i hadent got enough clothes hangers ,so i went down to the reception and asked the receptionist on the main desk .        They quickly said no problems we will send you some up to your room miss phillips .              I went back to my room and carried on unpacking and a short while after there was a knock on my door and one of the maids had brought me up a bundle of coat hangers and i thanked her and she left , i knew these would help me alot and ment i could now hang everything up.                 I soon got organised with everything stowed away and put  my toiletries away in the bathroom and felt rather pleased everything was organised .                  I decided next to try and get my laptop on line useing one of the two cs-lox cards i had bought with me that i had purchased on the previous trip.                  First of all i just couldant figure out wear you stuck the card in the laptop , and then the penny dropped as they say and it became obvious it was a scratch card with two lots of numbers under the foils once scratched off .          Now i had figured this out it was just a few minuets before i managed to get on line one i had plugged the phone line extension from my laptop to the phone plug in the room .               The cards last for 30 days unlimmited use and thats cheap concidering its 100 bhats an hour down stairs at the computer station in the reception .             By now it was getting prity late  and it was the early hours of sunday morning i decided that i needed to get some laxatives and made my way after getting changed down stairs to the reception then out the hotel and down to the 7/11 store .   I felt prity uneasy really because it was the early hours and with the glances i was getting from the people i passed ,they must of wondered why a european lady was walking about at this hour.             After spending several minuets trying to explain what i wated ,the person in the 7/11 said no we dont have this item , try a chemist /pharmacy .

By now i had been on the go for what must have been the best part of two days and was feeling prity tired   and i knew i was being collected in the morning for my consultation so i decided sleep was what i needed  to charge me up to be clear headed for my consultation with dr chettawut .                    I hadent been in bed long and was just drifting off nicely when i was startled bye a knock on the door ,and i shot out of bed opened the door and there stood Paula she had finally made it hear from Dallas .Texas.                    I  helped her in with her luggage and we had a big hug between us and she explained about the nightmere she had getting here with the big delay in Tokio wear the aircraft stayed put on the runway for several hours before takeing off .

I made Paula a cup of coffee and we chatted a little bit more ,but bye then we both looked prity tired so we headed off to bed to try and get some sleep .            Her journey had taken about 2.1/2 times the time mine had to get hear and obviously this really tired her out ..


                                           "The Consultation Day "

Right on time Dr Chettawuts driver arrived to collect me from the main reception at the hotel ,and Paula decided to come with me for support and to get to meet Dr Chettawut herself .  We only travelled a short while maby ten minuets and we were drawing up outside his clinic .             We pulled up on the forcourt outside and the driver came round and opened the car door for us both ,and showed us into the main reception area there .             Inside the clinic it all looked very smart with nice tiles on the floor and wood panneling on the walls done white in colour, the place was spotless .

As soon as i got inside Tair came up and gave me a massive hug and asked me how i had been from getting back from the last trip in oct 2005 .              I took a seat and moments later Dr Chettawut appeared  and greeted me with a big smile ,and said HAAAAAAA Tina how are you and leaned over and shook my hand , i then gave him a smile back and commented that i was fine thank you .                     He lead me into his office next door and asked me to get undressed so me could check me over , and so i took my clothes all off and layed on the bench /coutch he had up against the back wall.                          He closely looked at the skin i had down below  and commented that he didant think i had any problems the the doner material for my srs .

Dr Chettawut then took a camera out and took photos of my breasts that he had done an augmentation on a few weeks ago , and commented that i must have been doing the recomended massage because there was no signs of capsulation there ,and i commented that i had done the massage twice a day as recomended .                He then took shots of me down below with his camera  for his pictorial record he keeps and asked if i might send him some of my ears that he layed /pinned back last october.

I then sugested that maby he could take the photos while i was here today and he said ok ,ill do it now .        He wanted these because he told me he hadent got many photos on this subject of surgery on ears , because once the patiants leave he generally doesant see them again .

We  sat down at his desk and he started to tell me about the srs proceedure and what was involved and how the operation would be performed on me , and went on to say that he would create a neo vagina that was complete with inner and outer labias and cliterus , it allsounded rather impresive to me i must say .                  Next came a bit of a blow really ,he produced a sheet of paper and asked me to read it ,and this described the proceedure to do an extra skin graft if needed to get the required depth in the vagina , but this would mean harvesting doner material from the belly area just below the navel area               It also said if this had to be done ,there would be an extra cost of $1500 us  to do it ,and this would be performed at the doctors discretion , so the paper was a concent form really .                      I think what shocked me most about this was the fact i hadent been told on the information sent me by e mail about this extra possible cost and with all ready having payed for my surgery this came as a blow .                    What crossed my mind now was maby having to pay this extra and i remembered my visa gold card i had with me and knew if needed i could put it on this .              Shocked or not at this stage i was over a barrel and knew i had to sign the form being so close to doing my srs surgery.         This didant leave alot of options really apart from signing the form wich i did .

We then moved onto talking about me doing some of my ffs surgery this trip as well as my srs , and Dr Chettawut commented that because i recovered quickly last time i was hear ,he didant think it would be a problem to add some ffs proceedures this trip .          We talked about my lower jaw and chin area and discussed  what might be done there ,and i commented about the crease blow my lower lip and he leaned over and felt this and commented that this was mainly muscle in that area and to mess with it or put some sort of gorse or other item in there to augment it may cause problems and sugested i didant do it .

Dr Chettawut then offered to do the other facial proceedures about three days after my srs ,while i was still in the hospital ,but streight away i said that is that really a good idea  so close to the other surgery and said what if we looked at it about maby a week and a half on from the srs surgery ,and he said that could be arranged and that maby it was a good idea to space it out more anyway .

Anyway after covering quiet alot of subjects about my face that lasted about another 30 minuets we agreed what proceedures could be done this trip and after doing some figures on his calculator came up with a figure of  $6 500 us dollars .

Dr Chettawut then started talking about my crows feet around the corners of my eyes and sugested it might me a good thing to get this done , but i hadent evan planned to do this ,so tried to avoid the subject .

I then told Dr Chettawut that i could only raise about £1000.oo uk pounds off my visa card and would give him that as a deposite against the rest of the ffs surgery  and then when i got back home to the uk ,i would wire transfer the balance to his bank within two weeks.           This didant go down too well with him and he insisted why couldant i arrange the money to transfer from hear while i was in Bangkok .        I knew i really didant want to do this because my funds were spread over diferant banks and diferant accounts  and to try and organise this would be dificult .          I could see by his face he wasant happy and streight away it struck me he didant trust me to send the balance to him .

This upset me somwhat because i had payed for my srs up front well in advance and this time he wouldant trust me the other way round , and repay the compliment back to me .          Dr Chettawut just kept insisting that he had the hospital  fee to cover ,and could i be sure of exactly how long it would be if i wired the money over to him .              By now i felt the trust had gone somwhat between us ,and he then insisted that i would have to sign a document he would get drawn up saying i owed him the balance of the money .            At this point i decided i didant like wear this was going regarding the ffs surgery and payment ,so i sugested we just forget the whole ffs thing ,and that i would go as planned to Dr Ousterhout in Sanfrancisco , and went on to say i was sure that he would be able to acheeve everything i needed and more with my face.                 Before leaving his office i asked one more question and this was about the clensing routeen and the fact that i hadent taken any laxatives to this point because i didant bring any with me because i didant know i would need them ,   he commented not to worry he would give me twice the dose to catch up with things ,again this suprised me abit i must say.

We said our good byes and i headed back to the car and got inside ,and streight away Paula could see i wasant happy about things ,and once we got back to the hotel i quickly explained about the possible extra cost with skin grafts and that he wouldant trust me about paying for the additional ffs surgery and eccept just a deposite .         Paula knew i was upset ,she could tell by my face  ,but understood my frustration once i had explained things .

               The following photos show Dr Chettawuts Clinic .



 Well by now it was heading for mid afternoon and i knew we needed to go out and get some things in for the hotel room because after i had done my surgery i wasant gonna be fit to get about much .                 The 7/11 down the road wasant gonna have the things we needed and secon was a taxi ride away ,and decided to go to Jusco that was at the side of a shopping area with reasteraunts and oher little shops .         We decided to go there and went down to the reception and ordered a cab to take us there it only took 5 minuets to reach the supermarket .                  I knew we needed quiet a big shop so it would last for a week or so ,and so we headed into Jusco .                       The following photos show jusco and the macdonalds there .






We found ourselfs a shopping trolly and proceeded to fill it with  just about everything we figured we would be able to use to prepare some sort of meals in a hotel room with limited things to cook with.                 We put bread , cakes , cheese , ham and loads of fresh fruit in and also bought some cuttlry to use including a sharp knife for cutting things up.  also we added some glasses so that when we decided to crack open the pink champeign we would have somthing to drink it out of .                 I had already decided that after my srs i was going to throw a small party ,get-together with the other girls at the hotel in my hotel room ,and thought the rather large pineapple would be nice diced up on cocktail sticks .                We must have loaded about two dozen carrier bags at the checkout , and we struggled to get it all outside wear we had to find a taxie back to the Baan Siri ,and bye now it was dark outside  , the day had shot bye .

After we got back to the hotel i knew i really needed to start takeing the laxatives the dr had given me ,and knew that once taken i would need to stay in the vacinity of a toilet just in case .               We took all the drinks out the mini bar / fridge and loaded all the food in we had just purchased  from Jusco.                            Monday came round and this was going to be a free day with nothing planned  except to rest and get my little trolly case packed with everything i figured i would need for a week at the Vibraham Hospital for my srs surgery .

                               My S.R.S Part Two

                           This set of photos show my admission to the Vibaham Hospital




 Well it was tuesday the 24th of january 2006 and my big day had finally come around .

With my little trolly case packed  and just a liquid diet because of the clensing routeen ,and after viseting the toilet several times we waited for the driver to arrive at the hotel. to take me to the Vibharam Hospital.       After a short while the phone rang and it was the reception saying the driver had arrived to take me to the hospital and he was waiting down stairs .

At this point a thousand thoughts were crashing through my mind ,and i knew there was no going back now not as if i had ever concidered that anyway.                We made our way down to the lobby of the hotel and Dr Chettawuts driver was there waiting for us ,and he quickly loaded my little case in the boot of the car and we headed off on what was just a short drive to the hospital.

After sitting in the main reception area of the hospital several forms were brought to me to sign , and i awaited the tests that i was told would be done .

Eventually i was lead to a side room and the bloods were taken along with the ECG and they took my weight ( i think this was to determine how much anistetic to give me ) and finally my blood preasure .

Its kinda strange feeling to know your only hours away  from doing srs  that would perminantly remove your manhood  for good ,but it was what i wanted so i was happy .             Finally i was taken to the escalator and then onto a lift and onto a ward that consisted of many private rooms , and we entered room 811.                Paula and myself talked and had one of those big emotional moments you seem to have at a point like this and Paula then left .

At this point one of the nurses came in and left me a bowel of soup that was covered in cling film to keep it warme .                I was then instructed to just rest and given some small blue pills to take and on enquiring about these were told they were laxotives ,and the nurse poured me a glass of very cold water she had taken out of the refridgerator , so i took the pills .                I looked at my watch and the time was 1-50 pm ,and i then started to get changed into the two piece hospital garments that had been left for me  , after that i decided to just lay on my bed and relax ,well at least try to.            After a while and not being able to really relax because of being slightly hyped up i put my silk robe on i had bought with me and sat and looked at my mascot Tigeress that was sitting faceing me on top of the tv .



Tigeress had a fourleafed clover round her neck and she was to end up makeing in all 6 trips to thailand with me .

I just looked at her and smiled .

I kew i would never remember all my story so these pages are edited off the notes i made in a small note book i had with me at the time .

Another thing that struck me was just how petite these thai nurses really are compared to the people i have round me in my day to day life .

                           The following photos show the nurse shaving my perineum area below


  Its 2.45 now and the nurse brought a container in for me to do a urine sample  after that i felt a little tired and soon found myself laying on my bed dozeing and was just drifting off nicely when another nurse came in 5 minuets later with a kidney shaped bowel /dish with a razor in side it .       

I couldant really understand what she was saying in thai  but after a while i got the gist of what she ment and i knew then she wanted to shave me below on my lower perinium area ,and this ended up being the first of two times this would be done while in the hosptal.         She told me to just lay back and open my legs wide and smiled because she could see i had already taken most of the hair growth right back short  and she must have thought that it was not gonna be sutch a big job with me doing this , but anyway she put a pair of latex gloves on and carefully finished shaveing the area prity close .

Next came the bag of liquid she had with her ,and at this point told me to roll over on my tummy and after saying 1-2-3  proceeded to slide a pipe right up my lower rectum area ,  and the pipe slid in prity easy and i could see the liquid going down the pipe and into me ,and the bag was soon empty .

I asked the nurse what would happen and she commented " stay near the bathroom "   sure enough moments after laying back ,i had to make my first dash to the toilet  ,and with just about enough time to get my lower garment down proceeded to empty a load of putrid matter out of my bowel and into the toilet bowel with what can only be desribed as a gurgling noise ,

Imust have sat there about 15 minuets  and gradually the liquid kept coming out bit by bit ,and decided to make my way back to my bed  but this was a bad mistake because i soon had to make dash number two to the bathroom again .           After a couple more times things seemed to stead down somwhat and feeling abit exhausted decided to try and lay back and rest .

Its 3-30 am now and im feeling pretty calm and just laying here waiting for the next suprise to happen .                At 4-30 the next thing happened and a couple of nurses came in and told me i was changing rooms , and after a short chat about this  they produced a shopping trolly and a wheelchair ,and despite saying i had unpacked and was all set up here  they proceeded to start putting my stuff into a couple of large white bags then into the trolly and told me to get in the wheel chair.            So now it looked like i was on the move to a new room ,so thank god the toilet thing was under controll otherwise i think they may have had a mess to clean up en route .

We left the old room and entered a lift onto another floor around the other side of the hospital  and this room number turned out to be 1010 ,so after entering and unpacking again and putting things away , another nurse came in with what appeared to be a glass of some sort of liquid ,and streight away i kinda knew what this was ,and the nurse confirmed it was the dreaded SWIFT drink ,and she nodded and smiled and told me to drink it all .           I asked her how long would this take to work and she commented " maby 15 minuets " ,she was right omg ,enything that still remained inside me soon made its way out and i felt totally void of anything in my system at all .


  Wednesday The 25th Of January 2006 ,My S.R.S Day


                                My SRS Ring                                                             My SRS Gold Chain with the date of my SRS on it
                                       The Following Photos Show Me After The SRS Operation


From a deep sleep i was awoken and the first words i herd were " im sorry ,im sorry " two nurses had come in and woke me from my sleep that i had finally been able to sink into and i glanced at the time and it was only 6 am in the morning of my srs day ,the nurses were there to do my pulse and blood presure & tempreture and i must have seemed at first glace slightly startled because of being woken from the sleep i desprately needed .   Shortly after a nurse came in again carying the kidney shaped dish and armed with the razor again ,my thoughts were omg another shaving down below ,anyway i stretched out and beared my underside once more and she laughed and joked with me and i guess the light heartedness helped alot ,and at least it took my mind off what was about to happen that day later on

 I knew i wouldant be able to sleep again so i made my way to the bathroom to wash and clean my teeth ,and generally freshen myself up the best i could .  I glanced at the back of the washbasin and steared at two little moving objects walking around my toiletries ,and after closer inspection discovered they were two tiny red ants ,they had found a way in there through a tiny hole on the corner of the wall just next to the tiling round the wash basin ,jesus these were somthing i never expected to see there ,anyway i decided the day was gonna be to big to let these worry me at all and just carried on with my clean up .                        My thoughts now went towards how the day would go for me ,and i guess no person would be totally worry free at this stage you  would have to be made of stone not to worry .         Well it was hear ,the door opened and a nurse and porter came in to my room ,the time was about 10-50 am ,and i was loaded in the wheel chair and taken to the operating theatre .      Its hard to describe at this point what goes rushing round and through your mind but all i knew now was this mamoth thing was about to happen to me .       After negotiating several coridors and rooms and a lift ,we finally ended up in that room that was gonna deliver my womanhood the theatre . I just lay there hardly dearing to open my eyes ,i took a peek just quickly and saw a guy next to me and he said after lifting my hand and sqeezing it gently to reasure me ,we are gonna put a needle in your hand at the back and also into your spine ,this went without an hitch ,and the kind words uttered to me Tina are you ready ,with a large gulp of air and a second or two of hesitation i replyed yes im ready ,go for it .      He undid the valve on the pipe in my arm and just a few seconds later i was in ablivian ,i was gone ,totally in a world of endless sleep and nothingness ,( my srs was underway )

Well a couple of days just slid bye and of course my sis from dallas texas was the first to be bye myside ,paula had brought alot of extra bits in for me ,ho boy did i look rough ,but i just tried to tell myself im gonna really i had just been through a major op

I lifted the bed sheets so paula could see all the pipes and tubes coming out of me ,i asked her if she could stay as long as possible because i knew it was gonna be a long few days in hear ,and the company made it all that bit easyer and passed the time on better

While paula was there they came in and did one of the several stats checks they made daily .ie blood presure pulse and tempreture .   Its crazy really but the equipment they used seemed slightly out the ark you might say ,but never the less it did its job ,and it did what it was designed to do

I think really if i hadent writen some notes on this all happening i would have never remembered im sure because wether it was the morphine or the other drugs ,most of the first couple of days after my srs seemed to be just a blur ,somthing my mind never stored really .       Paula had bought the champeign with her and my srs ring and necklace ,but after concideration we decided to put of the celibratery drink and the jewelry presentation till i was in better shape ,and i sugested throwing a little party in our room after i got out the hospital ( the following photos show the champeign and my ring and necklace )

My next visetor wasant long in coming ,and it was so nice to see a freindly face ,it was my freind Claudia Kenworthy ,a transsexual doctor from the USA she was hear as suport for Sherri another of my freinds from dr chettawuts girls club who was having her srs the day after me ,and infact just a few rooms away down the coridoor

 One of the next joys to encounter was the statutary bed bath ,a sort of a wipe down that the nurse did with a large bowl of water and a piece of cloth ,well at least it freshend you up somwhat ,because i wasant allowed out of bed anyway ,and the water was been taken out of me bye the way of a cathetor anyway ,and having no solid food ment you didant need to go for the other thing ,so it was just liquid passing through me really .

My next visetor turned out to be Ruth another lady who had had her srs before i got hear and was well on the way to her recovery . A real cool lady who after i get out hear helped me in ways ill tell you about later ,but i did admire her courage to be hear on here own from the same country as myself the uk ,and endure her srs  alone

At about 11.45 that day dr chettawut came round to check me out ,and told me my srs took 7.1/2 hours of surgery to do ,and apart from alot of blood there were no complications with my surgery ,and i told him i was so pleased he hadant have to take extra skin from my tummy region for donation material . I asked when the pipes would be removed he said that he would come back later in the week and remove my packing and they would take the pipes and cathetor out for me , boy would i be glad to see the end of these all these pipes and the endless ice packs shoved between my legs .       Iwas told it would probably be next monday the day i would be able the leave the hospital ,so i still had a few days to go ,including the weekend to get through

Well its saturday morning hear,and its very early about 5-30am and streight away the nurses were in my room tidying and doing my stats.    Im really hoping within the next two days they are gonna let me at least get out of bed,im sure tired of just laying hear.  Last nights treat was yogart for my meal it doesant sound much but after only having liquid for the last week it was just great, and that cheered me up alot.   Later that day dr chettawut came to see me and told me that in the next day or so i could have the packing removed from my vagina , but also insisted i take it very easy or i was asking for trouble .                   Its sunday morning now and ive had all the nurses round doing all the normal checks on me and i was alowed to have some toast today, and my faverate nurse came round to give me a bed bath ,and as usual seemed quite amused by my breasts .       Paula came as usual and i must say it was nice to see her by my bedside.      Its very posible they might take my packing out today , i really hope so.   The nurse poped in and asked me if i was hungry, so i ordered some more toast and coffee .       It was nice to at least get somthing more solid inside me after that liquid diet for a week .   The rest of the day slipped away and after what seemed like endless hours im fully awake and its only 11-45 on the sunday evening ,and im starting to get tired and bored of the whole hospital thing to be honest .        Well monday morning finally got hear and and its 5-30 am hear and ive kinda dozed on and off all night .   Two nurses have just been in to do my pulse and tempreture and to empty my pee from the pee bag fed by the cathetor still in me .      Ive sorta got my fingers crossed im gonna see some action today ,im more than ready to get out this bed . Dr Chettawut came with his staff and a nurse and they took out the packing and the pipes witch included the cathetor from me . The removal of the cathetor wasant bad ,but when they took the other tubes out i thought jesus im gonna hit the ceiling ,the pain litterally shot through me down below .    Then came the words i wanted to hear , lay back take it easy and if you can pee-pee  you can leave later today .      I sort of figured that i would call paula and tell her the news ,and all i needed to do was to pee from the new parts created by dr chettawut , paula said great tina ill be up later to collect you and escort you back to the hotel .      An hour or so later i had the incling that maby if i sat on the toilet i might be able to pee and with legs like jelly i made my way to the bathroom ,grasping onto as many things as i could because my legs felt like they could give way on me .  Ieventually made it there ,and sat a while pushed alittle ,and there it was my first urination as a female ,done and dusted .      I made my way back to the bed rang the buzza and a nurse came in and i said ok ive managed to do a pee-pee ,she smiled and so ok you can leave later today ,jesus was i pleased .   My next thoughts were to get all my stuff packed up in my little case ,and to make sure i hadant left anything behind in the room .     Ashort while later paula arrived ,gave me a hug and said sis you done it ,im proud of ya sis . We sat and waited to be collected in the wheel chair to go down through the hospital to the car parking area . A short while later 3 people arrived one was a hospital porter to push my wheel chair out of the room . Finally i could say bye bye to the room i had been in for over a week now .

                                                        Photos Of Leaving The Vibharam  Hospital
                                    My SRS  Part  Three
               This set of photos show the Royal Palace ,Dussit Zoo ,and other bits and bobs


                          The Final Photos From My SRS Story Show Dr Chettawut and Myself At His Clinic




Well it was a time now to start recovering from my surgery and sticking round the hotel and letting the parts try to heal up .     Each day between 10-30 and 11-30 one of the girls came in to check me out at my hotel room ,they made sure i was doing my dilation every day twice and also i was cleaning the wounds with the swobs and solution provided . The set of stents provided were made of wax almost candle like ,and on these you needed to use a rubber condom and lubricate with KY jelly  The set of photos above show Dr Chets staff on their daily viset .

They used a torch to shine between my legs to carefully check the surgery out . We would always have a laugh and a joke between us and im sure they stayed some days longer than they should have done, but the thai people are very curtious and will always give you the time if needed.

Well after about a week of recovering hanging around the hotel and its grounds and gardens i decided to throw a little get together in my hotel room and put a little buffet on with food and finally crack open that bottle of pink champeign i had bought on my way to thailand . So with the help of paula who made up all the nobbles to my specifications and alot of tooth picks we scrounged from the hotel reasturant we set about sending the invites out to the other girls and paula put together with great care the food we had purchased earlyer when we arrived ,with the centrpeice of that pineapple we had bought at jusco a couple of days after we got hear.

Well bye now i was starting to get a wee bit restless hanging round the hotel and started to make a few plans on places to viset .   On this perticular evening we were sitting out on the front entrance to the hotel and along came Ruth one of the other girls staying at the baan siri after her srs with dr chettawut. Iasked her wear she had been and she told me she had been all the way to cambodia ,i thought jesus ,and she said she had caught a train a bus and other transport to get herself there and back .  Ruth then said tina ive got a gift for you ,ive got a toaster ,and as she was only a couple of days off going back home to the uk ,she wanted me to have it, and i quickley followed her upto her room and gave her a great big hug and thanked her from my heart for the gift ,and went back collected paula and went and had a toasting session back in my hotel room .    The toaster was going to be a big help ,and i knew it would be very handy to do snacks in my room .                   I decided that not being to sure of what the hotel bill was going to be for the full month ,and wanting to spend a little on trips and days out i would go and pay the first two weeks up of the hotel bill.    Iasked the reception to make my bill up for the two weeks we had the room and was quitley suprised to note it was alot less than i had expected and the internet access on the cs-lox cards we had used had not put the extra on the phone bill and the total for two weeks worked out at only about 11.500 thai bhats ,so i payed it up and got a recept for it. This ment i could now see roughley what i would need to pay the balance up after the next two weeks and to know what i could run too for the trips we wanted to go on .         The first one we decided to book was a half day at Bangkoks Royal Palace ,and early on on the third week with my swollen feet and ankles  we wear duley collected from the baan siri car park by a driver courier and taken by air conditioned mini bus to the palace . The following photos are my shots of the royal palace ,and the wonderfull things we saw there     

Well as soon as we got to the Royal Palace and got out the mini bus and headed for the gate we were soon hit on by sales people trying to sell bamboo unbrellas and ornimental fans ,the lady in the photo was really trying her sales pitch on me ,but in the end i got two fans from her for the price of one ,well in thailand baterings the name of the game .

Its a good job we had been forwarned about having to cover our arms and feet up because you were not allowed in the buildings without doing this ,and despite my feet being swollen like baloons i managed to squeeze a flat pair of shoes on and the pink blouse i had taken with me i just slipped it on over my arms to cover up.      In the royal jewelry rooms there was gold artifacts like i had never seen before all deplayed behing glass security covers .        And also we were taken into the temple of the emerald buddah ,but no photographs or vidios were allowed in side .

Apart from the royal palace we also made trips to dussit zoo and Pattaya and saw alot of great things .

About two days before i was doe to fly home i was taken back to see dr chettawut and had quiet a shock really .

After arriving at his clinic i was told to go upstairs and get changed into a robe .

Then i was escorted into the little surgery room at the back and helped onto the operating couch with my legs up in the stirrups and was given a locon anistetic .

Shortley afterwars Dr Chettawur arrived and told me he was going to do an operation to remove the area of skin that had died between my vagina and anus .

This had happened i was told because i had probably been too active too soon after doing the srs surgery .

Ilay there feeling prity shocked by all this ,but tried to relax and let him get on with the operation .

About 20 mins later it was all done .

After collecting my srs certificate ,i was taken back to the car and driven back to the baan siri .

The main thing that worried me now was the fact that being so close to flying back to the uk on an 11 hour flight ,i was prity sore and uncomfatable below .

The day to leave came round and i saw Paula into a taxi to get her back to the airport , and carried on with my last minuet packing .

Right on time Dr Chets driver came to collect me and i was taken back to the airport and dropped off with my cases .

The flight home was a long one ,it seemed to go on for ever and with being cramped up on an aircraft seat with the pain below it wasant easy and i sorta counted the hours down and willed myself on despite being very uncomfatable .After about 11 hours we landed at heathrow airport and after collecting all my luggage ,headed back to the central bus station to catch the national express coach back to nottingham .