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The internet was the one most important thing that helped me with my journey ,when I started my transition for the second time around ,in 2009.    

In 2008 I got my first computer and this also helped me at work because we were switching over from a manual system to being computerised with the way the company ran ,and being able to learn at home all the inns and outs of being computer savvy ,really helped me .  The pc also did two other things ,firstly it put before my fingertips the whole world and all the information I ever wanted to find out about transitioning ,and I did spend hundreds of hours looking at websites to load my brain with all the information I needed .   Secondly it allowed me to build my first website ,the first version of Tinas Transgender World .

So yes ,I did find the power I needed ,the power of one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century ,the internet ,the invention of Microsoft

                      The  Glory

So wear does the glory part come from ?                This comes from the fact that 10 years after I did start my transition for the second time ,I did find that light at the end of the tunnel and reach what I considered the end of my transition .    Ok their was still things I might have done to have improved things evan more ,witch I did consider ,but I decided my body and mind had ,had enough of trips abroad for doing surgeries ,and also with the costs involved going up a hell of a lot ,I knew it was time to just enjoy all the glory of finally reaching what point wear I was happy .

To sum up my life now ,I would have to say this ,"the biggest most upsetting thing for me is this ,the loss of my mother "  I would have loved to have been able to spend more time with her before she passed away ,and secondly was my fall out with Caroline Cossey on Face Book .   She did tell me I was a lost child and that I had lost my way .  To this day that still hurts because I chatted for an hour on the phone with her when she rang me from Atlanta ,in the USA ,and congratulated me on my efforts with what I had done raising Transgender Awareness in Nottingham  .

For the most I have succeeded in all my goals in my life ,only missing the fact that I have no children to follow on in my footsteps ,and that's a great pity I must say ,but alas im still plodding on at nearly 62 and evan now I still have one last thing that I will not rest till ive done ,and that's get my book "From A Coal Miner To A Lady "Published .

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