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                     Thursday The 3rd Of January 2008




My big day to fly had come round once more and with my case packed ,it just left the trip down to Heathrow /London to start the journey.

The taxi collected me bang on time and after saying bye to mum ,i got in and we headed off to the coach station at broad marsh in nottingham ,wear i would catch the national express as on previous trips .

After about three hours on the coach we arrived at the central bus station ,and it all looked prity familier because of my previous trips to Bangkok /Thailand .

Once through the checkinsand customs ,with no bother i boareded the 747  on my fourth trip to thailand ,with the prospect of several more lots of surgery on my face in front of me .


Once we had landed at bangkok airport and i collected my luggage , i headed for the point wear i had been instructed to meet the driver from the Aphrodite Inn.

Once i reached this point with my baggage trolly and name board in my other hand ,i quickly hooked up with the hotel driver and was quickly taken across bangkok to the Aphrodite Inn .

Once in my room ,i checked out the decore and soon realised it was all very smart ,alot better that the baan siri in the room .

Once unpacked i decided to pay a viset to Paula next door .

We had a massive hug and greeting ,we had finally met after all this time knowing each other through my yahoo groups .

Also in the room was Pamela and Diane also from the U.S.A ,and all three of them were shareing the same room .


Once back in my room ,i received a message from the yoskarn clinic saying my consultation would be that evening at 7pm with Professor Kunachak ,they certainly dont waste time ,i had only just arrived .

The consultation time quickly came round and i headed for the main reception at the Yoskarn Clinic .          After a short waite i was asked to come into the side room to see Professor Kunachak ,and we shook hands and had a pleased to see you greeting between us both .

We discussed the lasering on my face ,and i took this opertunity to explain i also wanted fillers on my face ,round my mouth and lips .

The professor felt round my face and said there would be an improvement ,but the problem i had was that my skin was running both ways ( this puzzled me somwhat i must say ) but obviously he knew what he was talking about .and  he remarked that the fillers would  help the lines and marks round these areas .

                           The 5th Of January 2008


This was the day of the lasering on my face ,and i was left a message again saying that it would be 7pm that evening  the co2 lasering .

This gave me the rest of the day to go shopping ,and with several places just minuets away ,like BIG C  just out the end of the road and round the corner ,it was prity ideal .

The day quickly passed and after spendind some more time with my friends next door ,it was time to head down stairs to the Yoskarn Clinic to do the facial lasering .

With great trepidation i sat and waited to be called into the room ,and just a short while later at about 7-30 i was escorted into the changing room wear i got undressed and put the robe on they provided .

Iwas then led to the operating theatre and asked to lay on the bed and they positioned my head on a sort of soft block of foam or somthing that resembled it anyway .

After a little asurance from the professor and the anethatist they put a line in the back of my hand ,and with in seconds i was gone ,and drifted into oblivian ,just like on previous occasions .

The next thing i knew i was in the recovery room ,and i lay there a short while and spoke with one of the nurses ,and i asured her i was ok ,with no problems .

Itold her i was probably ok now to go back to my room and she gently helped me up from the bed and i slipped my slippers on and shakely walked slowly back to my hotel room with was just through a side door just a few yards away .

                           The Photo below was my room at the Yoskarn  Clinic.

With the laser and the fillers on my face done ,it was time to let things heal and i was suprised apart from the aparent redness on my face , and the feeling of heat on my skin after the lasering i couldant really see alot at that point .

The next morning i got up and looked in the mirror and my face surface had completely started to scab up ,so this ment spending a few days confined to my room and i passed the time watching the street vendors out the hotel window just down below in the street ..





Well after a few days of putting on the ointment on my face the scabs started to soften up and this ment all the dead skin was starting to come away ,and i must have looked like somthing out of a horror movie at that point .  Once i was allowed to take a shower i found that bathing my face in tepid water soon helped the dead skin to soften evan more and come away in chuncks ,and this happened with out any problems to the face and skin below .                          With the laser and fillers done i spotted a sign adversising laser teeth whitening and decided to make enquirese about this because it was just 9000 bhats .   After talking with the dentist i was advised that the money would be better spent on doing repairs to 9 of my teeth at 1000 bhats a tooth ,so i decided to go for that instead .
                                               Part  Two Of My  Laser Trip


With the lasering done now on my face and the fillers round my mouth .after the week was up it was time to say my fairwells to the great people and staff of the Yoskarn Clinic and pack my stuff ready to move to the Baan Siri ,the hotel i knew so well over previous visets to bangkok .

With the assistance of pamela the wonderful girls who is cambodian but now lives in sandiego in california ,we put all my stuff in a taxi and headed for the hotel .

Once i got there i knew i would meet up with paula and a host of other trans girls including chris and bree from australia at the hotel ,and also get notification of my next lot of surgery with dr chettawut that would do the bump on my nose that looked so bad .

It was just like being home again seeing the familier suroundings of the old hotel and brought back many memories of previous visets there over the last 2-3 years .

 A day or so after i was back at the Baan Siri i got notification from dr chettawut about my consultation and a date and time i would be picked up by his driver to take me to his clinic .

So just over a week after my laser resurfacing with my face had healed prity well now the morning of the consultation had arrived and as promised the driver arrived at the reception to collect me for the ride to the clinic i had viseted many times before while in bangkok .

It was a great greeting when i stepped into the clinics front door and with smiles and hugs from dr chettawut and a kiss on the cheek ,we made our way to his office there .

I pulled out the diagramme i had drawn explaining the problem with the bump half way down my nose and im prity sure he knew what i was getting at ,and i explaind the ski jump that was the famouse terminology used by dr ousterhouts patiants ,and he nodded and indicated that he understood this ,and that he could see the problem that was there .

Also i mentioned the scar left under my nose and said that i thought this had not healed too well from previous surgery and he took a look and agreed that maby if the scabbing had healed badly somtimes it leaves a bigger more unsightly result ,and sujested he would do a revision on this area .

I also pointed out that if he was going to do the nose and underneath it ,would it be possible to adjust the hight of the top lip somwhat because the reduction he had done previosly still left the top lip slightly more fuller than i had hoped for and felt that to attain the more feminine look it would look better slightly smaller .

He had a good look and agreed that this could be done with the other surgery and the incision to reduce this was the same one he needed to do to make a scar revision under the nose anyway .

So dr chettawut then said " so to sumerise ,we will take the bump out the top dorsal ridge on the nose and do a top lip reduction and scar revision on this session of surgery "

This seemed prity satifactory to all concerned and he then asked if he might take some photos of previous surgerys done on other visets from 2005and 2006 and i removed my clothes so he could do that .

As i looked at the back of his desk i could see the present i had given him the year previously the glass dragon boat in the display case ,that proudly stood in a position of honour for all to see .

Just before we left his office we also talked breifly about the meal we had planned by e mail on this trip and wether this could be sorted date wise after my face had healed somwhat after this next surgery ,but iundicated it would not be possible on and around the 25th because he had a great deal of surgery on at the hospital ,and i told him i would go with any date that suited him better .

So he then said ok ,ill do your facial surgery tomorrow ,witch shocked me somwhat ,as i didant think it would happen so soon as this ,and on the way out the clinic he gave me a slip indication what i had to follow regarding food and drink before the surgery and it said i would be collected tomorrow morning and the surgery would be later that morning at the piyavate hospital .

So with the consultation now done i knew that tomorrow i was on the move again and the next surgery was going to take place this quick .



Upwith the lark and ready for my pickup to go to the Piyavate ,i made my way down to the reception at the Baan Siri and waited for the other person that was travelling in with me and sure enough she arrived with partner ,and as i was already sitting in the back of the black Camrey ,one got in the back with me and the other in the front with the driver .

We weaved through the bangkok traffic and headed for the hospital i had stayed at last april wear i did my ffs surgery with dr chettawut .

On arrival we all climbed out and was escorted to the check in desk ,this all seemed very familier to me ,just like it was yesterday .

When it came to my turn it wasant all that complicated as they had me on there computer records from last time i was at the Piyavate .

After a while we were led off to a suite upstairs wear we sat in a waiting room and they did the usual little checks and took weight and height and all the stuff you couldant really see had much relivance on getting a nose rhinoplasty .

After a while i was taken to a changing room ask to take everything off and told to put the hospital garment on myself and when ready i was asked to climb on the trolly ,and before i could remember much i was on my way to the operating theatre .

This time i was determined to keep my eyes open to get a clearer view of the root and the hospital and evan the lift inside ,as all these things i missed my last trip because of having my eyes closed .

Once in the amazingly modern theatre ,i was aproached by the anethatist ,a gent who said hi in a very nice manner ( dr chettawut had told me previously he was a real cool guy and a real joker ) .

I then saw another figure aproach the operating table and it was dr chettawut in all his glory with his surgeons outfit and cap on and he asked if i was ok and should they proceed ,i just kinda muttered sure in a weak little voice .

That was it ,they released the stuff into my hand and moments later i was gone ,never knew another thing to be honest .


As i came round i realised i was in the room on floor 10 at the hospital and my surgery was completed ,you cant really knock that can you ,so sweet and simple .

The following photo show myself with the nose and face strapped up after the nose and top lip surgery ,and minus one titanium screw on the forehead in the hairline .






The following photos show myself with the nose and face strapped up after the nose and top lip surgery ,and minus one titanium screw on the forehead in the hairline .

Yep it was done and the nose and top lip were sorted and i had a feel round my forehead for any signs of that titanium screw but it was gone ,and all i had in its place was the tiny stitched to close the wound up .

Well with packing up my nose again ,but just on one side ,i sorta had that blocked up feeling again and i knew it would be a few days before the cast would be off my nose so i could see the results and wether the bump had been removed on the top dorsal ridge .

The following photo shows myself in the reasturant at the Baan Siri in a dress ,but complete with nose cast still on .


The good thing about being back at the Baan Siri was the fact that all the other girls were there in various rooms and this ment alot more company and people to talk too and pass the time .

The following photo was taken in Paulas room and the young lady with me was a full time nurse from the Yoskarn clinic who had come to the hotel to see Pamela ,and she posed for a photo with myself .

This was the nurse that looked after Diana at the Yoskarn after she had her voice surgery there and breast augmentation with professor Kunachak .

The Final Photo is of Pamela (PAM )  over the years she has turned out to be a great friends who is from Cambodia