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This was saturday the 21st of october, and the start of my great journey to bangkok Thailand , and a mission to get my true femininity in Bangkok with a great surgeon called Dr Chettawut, and a thing i had waited to do for most of my life , but now my time had come ,it was so special for me ,i had planned this journey in my mind over and over and tried in my mind to cover every detail . My luggage packed in my pink sued suitcase and matching hand luggage , my freind of many years D.J. collected me at about 1.15 and we headed for the National Express bus station in the Broad Marsh shopping centre in Nottingham , my excitement was evedant to all ,after so long my great day had finally arrived . I knew it was going to be a very long journey ,because first i had to travel down to london and head for Heathrow airport , and that was going to take 3.1/2 to 4 hours ,travelling down the M1 motorway .

Well with  the coach on its way to london i just sorta sat back and relaxed as we headed towards leicester and then on to milton keynes , one quick note if you ever tried useing a loo on a coach as its jolting around like mad you will know its an adventure all in its self ,the coach lurched fwd and i nearly went head first into the side of the toilet .                                     As early evening aproached and in that wonderfull autumn sky the sun just hung under the clouds waining on its last smile of the day ,it shone through the coach window ,and thoughts of a magic trip to a far off land just made me feel so happy ,and as the silver lining to the clouds signalled the evening aproaching we finally made it to heathrow airport .   I knew this was going to be an adventure in its self really ,heathrow is like a small city inside passages and terminals everywear ,and i needed to find terminal no 3 , so i looked for the signs and then asked a few people .     Eventually i found terminal no 3 and went to look for the check in desk , i instinktavely new i was well over weight really but all i could do instead of trying to bluff my way through i went up when it was my turn and admitted ,i think im over weight ,the young thai lady at the eva air desk said ,miss phillips dont wory we will allow you upto 25 kilos ,well that was a big releaf really ,as i asumed i was gonna pay some access baggage .                              After getting rid of my big case it lightened the load quite alot really and it made getting round alot easyer . I asked if there was anywear i could get on the internet to post up to my group dr chettawuts girls club ,but all i found was some sort of strange booth thing sorta like a phone kiosk ,but that was out of action .                                  My next move was to look at the departure boards and see my flight number up there .Well slightly later than advertised it was time to catch that great big bird ,and head into the sky and on my way to Bangkok ,the flight was billed as being 11.1/2 hours .       So the tanoy anounced passengers for ava airways flight to bangkok would you please board now . Well that was it ,i was finally on my way ( below the aircraft that took me 6.250 miles to Bangkok ) .

 Well we took off and headed out over europe ,and i knew it was going to be one hell of a long flight ,i had asked for a isle seat at the check in so at least i was not stuck in the middle of a group of people and could at least get up and go walk about ,witch  is good to be able to stretch your legs especially being as the type of hormone drugs i was taking could lead to blood clots ,and just sitting in one position for long periods on a flight might agrivate that cituation , but at least i had been taking asprin as well as this thins your blood down ,and will help to some degree      After a while i decided to break the ice with the young fella sitting next to me and he was very nice ,and we introduced ourselfs ,and he was from the uk as well from Yorkshire and he viseted Thailand 2-3 times a year to stay with freinds he had there . Well we got on really well ,and i explained about myself to him and he seemed very understanding really ,and also very eager to learn about the world of transsexualism and gender reasignment ,well lets put it this way ,we chatted for about 4 hours and after that time we were on great terms as freinds ,and ho boy he knew alot more on the subject of penile inversion ,and gender reassignment ,but he was cool with it all really . Eventually most of the passengers were falling to sleep in there seats ,they dimmed the lights on board ,but im afreide i just couldant get my self to sleep at all ,i guess i was just too hyped up with what was going to happen to me in bangkok ,so after a while i just sorta sat back pulled the blanket over my legs and just tried to relax .       After what seemed like hours on the plain .we were not to far off really and i knew the part of my trip ,well at least going was nearly over . The captain anounced that we were only minets from landing and the seat belt lights came on ,so everbody just buckled up ready for landing . I felt the landing gear come down ,and i knew that in just a short while i was going to take my first steps on Thailand .            I had been instructed were to go once i had collected my luggage ,and that was a place wear there seemed to be hundreds of people waiting with signs being held up above there heads ,i just sorta waded bye them with my luggage on an airport trolly and at first could not spot Tair ,thats dr chettawuts wife ,as she was going to meet me at the airport ,as i came to the end of the people waiting ,a great big smile greeted me from a few yards away ,and yes it was Tair holding up my name board that said Tina Phillips ., we made a greeting to each other and i told her i was worried i hadant spotted her ,and she replied dont worry i had spotted you tina ,she said i recognised you from the photos you sent dr chettawut ,so we headed for her car and the hotel . 

 Well i was finally there after 6,250 miles this was the famouse hotel used bye so many transgendered patiants from all over the world ,


                        The Following Photos Are Pictures Of  The Aircraft & Tair And Also The Baan Siri Hotel


These Are Two Photos From The Shopping Trip To The Seacon Centre ,The Large Shopping Mall With 6 Floors
                             With Big Sis "Michele"                                           Standing At The Fountain At The Hotel Entrance
                                 My BA Story  Part Two

We drove upto the front of the hotel and the doorman opened the car door for me ,and what a sight ,a whole group of my freinds there waiting to greet me ,including my dear sis Michele , and the flashes of cameras took my atention ,the greeting was tremendas ,a truly great moment for me .

Well it was time to get checked in and see my room for the two weeks i was going to be there ,and to finally meet my sis from Arizona ,Miss Michele, who i was going to share with at the Bann Sari while i had my surgery with Dr Chettawut.                  My room was on the 8th floor room 815 ,and there was a nice lift to get you two and fro from that floor back to the reception and dining area .                            I needed to get settled in and get some rest ,because the next day i was do to have my consultation at the Vibharam hospital ,so i got unpacked and got myself freshened up somwhat and decided to rest a little before my first outing to the hotels reasturant .           I knew one of my sisters Alison from my group DrChettawutsGirlsClub was going to be there as she had been in Bangkok a while before me for her S.R.S ,and had ,had her operation a while back and i was just dyeing to meet her .  What an amazing site ,a full table of my freinds from all over the world all eating and talking together in the BannSiri reastaurant and exchanging there greetings and stories together . 

 Today was going to be the day i finally meet Dr Chettawut ,and i had been told i would be picked up and taken to the Vibharam hospital later that morning.         I went down and had breakfast early and got myself ready for the trip to the hospital and  as planned we were picked up and taken there ,michele ,lianne and myself . The hospitals not very far from the hotel and is an imposing building several floors high that sticks up on the Bangkok skyline ,with a large cross on the side of it , my excitement was very high ,and i knew i was going to have to strip naked for my examination with the doctor ,so i was fully prepared really  .

The three of us sat in the main catchment area and with an assortment of wonderful thai nurses scurrying around , waited to be called in for my consultation with Dr Chettawut.              After a while i was asked to come fwd and was led to a small room further inside the hospital ,and inside i got my first glimse of the surgeon i had flown right across the world to see Dr Chettawut Md                It was a special magic moment for me ,one i had waited so long to savour and to experiance , finally i had come face to face with the doctor i had set all my hopes and dreams on .  ( Dr Chettawut  )

 This was my meeting and consultation with Dr Chettawut  ........     Firstly with made a greeting with each other and said hello ,i put the gift i had had engraved the hip flasc ,and also in the smart little box with handle on with the oriental design ,that held inside the dr chettawuts girls club enamal badges in it ,the dr commented your always giving gifts tina , i just smiled and said yes doctor , and i was asked to remove all my clothes and then dr chettawut examined me ,and he said everything was just fine ,and then he asked me what sort of size i was wanting to acheeve breast wise ,and after careful thought i said i wanted to be a D cup , so we talked about streatching the skin too much ,but after carefull thought it was agreed that it would need a 400-450cc inplant to get this size , the doctor was so nice with me , and my thoughts were only full of happyness at that point .               Dr chettawut asked me if i wanted to move my surgery foward bye a day to tuesday instead of wednesday ,as he had a gap in his schedule and wondered if i would like to take advantage of this gap ,i quickly answered ok ,love to dr ,so now i knew that tomorrow was going to bee the big day i had waited for.         At that  point my mind was so full of happy thoughts ,and the whole thing just seemed so wonderfull . Dr chettawut also checked me down in my lower area and said that it was fine and when i come back in january ,my srs surgery would be no problem at all .          We shook hands and ,i gave a big smile across to dr chettawut ,and i left the consultation room ,one very happy person .           My sis Michele was waiting for me in the main sitting area ,so we hailed a cab and decided to go and see a local shopping mall and do some shopping and sight seeing before going back to the hotel ,the photos of this are above.

                                            My BA Story Part Three

Well my big day had finally come it was ,it was tuesday the 24th of october ,and not being able to have any solid food today do to the ops i just made do with some coffee and orange juice for my breakfast ,and waited for my collection to be picked up and taken to the hospital . I had my little pink sued hand luggage case packed with the things i thought i would need for anovernight stay at the hospital ,and sure enough the car arrived ,and my sis michele and myself got in the car and headed across Bangkok .           It was hard to try and explain all my feelings ,but to me it was a real special day and a day i had waited so long to get to .        We quickly arrived at the entrance of the hospital and i was led in to start filling the forms and giving all the normal hospital requirements you would normally get on being admitted for an operation ,including all my details and perticulars .

My sister Michele and myself sat in the main waiting area ,and she instinctavely new that look of anciousness on my face and she sqeezed my hand and said dont worry dear ,and smiled ,you are hear to collect your dream .   a few moments later i was led bye one of the wonderfull thai ladies up an escilator and to another desk and all my belongings were taken off me and all listed in an itinary and placed in safe keeping .     I had no jewelry on me ,i had left it all at the hotel including all my rings ,i evan took my bright shiny red nail varnish off the night before as i felt it looked more sterile in the hospital enviroment .                     The next thing i remember i was taken to a small room and asked to change and take all my clothes off and put the hospital smock on ,and to put my clothes in a bag provided and these were then taken from me and i was led to another room and asked to lay on a trolly ready to go for my surgery .                                         I climbed on the trolly and just closed my eyes and i could feel the trolly being wheeled along corridors to a lift and we went up several floors and came out in another area ,we sorta docked upto another trolly and i was transfered to it ,a few minets later after moving down more coridoors i was in a theatre and surrounded bye thai nurses in theatre attire and one of the persons attending me was dr chettawut .         I dear not open my eyes ,but my feelings were hard to explain ,from makeing that initial enquirey on the internet from my home ,hear i was in an operating theatre in Bangkok Thailand ,and just about to have the first of my operations ,a truly unreal feeling .                A few seconds later ,my left hand was lifted up and a needle put in it ,and a  quite voice asked me if i was ok ,and i replied with a dry mouth do to anxiety ,yes im fine ,and then i felt a liquid being put into my arm ,a few seconds later i was out ,i knew nothing more to be honest ,i was gone to the world .

The next morning i awoke in the hospital room ,and i took me a while to get my bearings to be honest ,and my first instinct was to try and sit up in bad ,and as i tried to move ,the pain in my chest area was like nothing ive ever felt before .     From under my arms were the drains to drain off the access fluid and blood from in my chest area ,and i was wired up to a drip ,and all this was wrapped round the frame of my bed ,so the combination of all the pain and the pipes sorta rendered me prity helpless .       As the morning went on ,i had a steady flow of wonderful nurses coming to check me out and my first food for a couple of day s ,that cheered me up alot .

Despite the pain and discomfort my thoughts were on trying to get out my bed and get to the bathroom to clean myself up .and with all the drains in me and the pain from my chest this was going to be a major feat .  I knew i needed to pee and rang for assistance and the nurse bought me a bed pan to pee in and ,gave me a menue to choose somthing to eat and drink . I guess about every half hour i got a viset of some sort from a nurse there to check my pulse ,blood presure ,and other things.    Eventually i managed to get a nurse to hang all my pipes and drips on one of those upright stands ,and i managed to get myself out of bed and make it to the bathroom .     having managed to freshen myself up a tiny bit ,when the next nurse came in i asked her to go and bring all her freinds in and have a group photo together , i thought it would be a great keepsake for my photo album .

Well later that morning ,the nurse came again and took the drains from under my arms ,with a great amount of care and attention i must say ,and seemed worried that she may be hurting me ,but i asured her this was no problem ,and i felt no pain from her doing this .  I was given a dose of pain killers to help with the chest pain and told that later that day i would be ok to leave the hospital and go back to my hotel . Some time after that my door opened and my two great freinds arrived to see me that was Michele ,and Lianne .

Well later that day Dr Chettawut came to my room to check me over and see how i was doing after my operations ,and i guess he knew i was so pleased with the results ,he could see with the smile on my face .          I asked him if he stuck to what we agreed on at the consultation of useing 400-450cc inserts ,and he said that ,no he had put 550cc ,smooth cohesive gell inserts in my chest ,well i trusted his judgement ,and i feel that it was a very good decision on his part and great judgement .         While the doctor was in my room i asked what would be the possibilities of getting my ears pinned back while in Bangkok ,he thought for a moment ,and said tina i can do them next wednesday for you .          I guess this just put an evan bigger smile on my face ,because now i had secured an extra op i hadant planned for while in Thailand ,he just said you will need to get the stitches removed after a couple of weeks after you get back to the uk ,and i replied no problem dr chettawut ,and he left my room to carry on his rounds .       Shortly after i was told i could get ready to leave the hospital and asked the nurse if she would bring my things that had been put in safe keeping for me at the hospital .             My freinds Michele and Lianne were hovering around and must have overheard the conversation and were told they could now take me back to the Bann Siri hotel ,and i could bid fairwell to the hospital and its great staff there .            I got myself dressed and packed my little flight case with my things ,and along came a wheelchair to get me down to the main entrance of the hospital , we got in a cab and travelled back to the hotel .        I felt so proud i had completed my first round of my operations ,and i felt a great sence of contentment and joy at this ,and truly happy .              

                             The Following Set Of Photos Show The Vibharam Hospital and My After Surgery Photos






It was really great to be back at the Baan Siri Hotel and I knew I would be back at the hospital the following Wednesday because that was when Dr Chettawut had promised to do the operation to pin my ears back .   Next Wednesday soon came round and the doctors driver collected me from the hotel and took me to the hospital again and the ear operation was carried out in a back room their while I was still awake under just a local anistetic ,and after laying perfectly still for about an hour Dr Chettawut had completed the second lot of surgery .

Each day at the hotel Dr Chettawuts staff always came in to see all his patiants and to do any minor things that needed doing to the patiants . On this particular day I was more than surprised to not only get Nut ,one of his girls come and knock on my room door ,with her was Dr Chettawut himself .

They instructed me by showing me how to do breast massage ,because this would help and stop capsulation of the incerts .    Dr Chettawut showed me himself how to incert pressure on the chest area .        The following photos is that viset at my room at the Baan Siri Hotel that day . 




Its pretty amazing really if your fit ,just how quick you can heal and get back on your feet after doing surgery .  As you can see from the photo above the bandage was already off the neck from the Trackial Shave operation and with the incisions healing really well under the arms wear the incerts were placed ,I was good to finish my surgery trip with some time to do some exploring the hotel and one or two places locally within a short taxi ride .   I will say looking back at all my surgery trips ,the pain from the Breast Augmentation was worse than the SRS or the FFS surgeries .

The Following photos are a selection from the rest of the time spent in Bangkok .






With my time now up at the hotel and the final medical inspection over and all being well ,it was time to pack up my belongings and get my lift back to the airport in Bangkok .  Ahead of me lay another long haul flight back to the UK .      All went well at the check in and I soon boarded to Eva Airways jet back to London ,with my first successful trip under my belt ,and with the knowledge  that in just a few weeks I would be back again ,this time to do my SRS Surgery.

Please see the page with this story on it ,because if your planning on doing SRS ,this might give you some insight as to whats involved .