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This Was The Story Of My Trip To Florida And California In The USA In 2013

In 2013 after my father passed away the year before and this making a really big impact on my mother I decided to put together a trip of a lifetime so the pair of us could take a much needed vacation,because I wanted to do something really special for her to try and give her something to look forward to .    This was going to be quiet a massive thing to organise because mum had been struck down herself with two strokes wich had left her unable to walk and made her wheelchair bound .

This page shows our trip to the USA with photos of both of us and the wonderful things we saw and did .........I hope you like this page .




It was September 2013 and we headed down to London on the National Express coach to Gatwick Airport and with a wheel chair and four suit cases I was pretty loaded up ,but we made it and boarded the British Airways jet and flew to Orlando in Florida .

                                 English pub " The George And Dragon, The next photo shows us their having a meal .


                                          With Mum at Disneys Magic Kingdom  ,with the Fairytale  castle behind us




                          These are more photos from Disneys Magic Kingdom







We had literally hundreds of photos we took at Disney World ,so many we could fill half a website.and with so many other places we had planned to see ,ill move on with our holiday story and show some photos from other places we visited  while in Orlando in the two weeks we were their before moving on to California .

            The next place on our tour of theme parks and attractions was  Epcot .

The next batch of photos show pictures of us at Epcot and that wonderful  giant Golf Ball dome their.







I had been to Epcot once before in 2010 and so this was a return viset for me . Epcot has some prity amazing things to see and we enjoyed looking at the attraction their .  The massive lake at Epcot was quiet along way to get round especially pushing a wheel chair on a hot September day . The themed areas for each country were very good ,and when we got to the UK part it had an English fish and chip shop and we decided to have some of these and as we sat down to eat them the clouds burst and we had one of those showers Florida is known for ,so we sheltered till it abated under an umbrella .

                                               These Are Some Of The Other Photos Taken Round Epcot


      Our Next Port Of Call On Our Theme Park Tour Was Disneys Animal Kingdom.

This attraction was just a short ride from wear we were staying in Orlando ,and it was a place I didant really get chance to do on my 2010 trip to Florida. Again another massive theme park that like the others you really needed more than one day to see it all





 Disneys Animal Kingdom was another of these sprawling theme parks and not the easiest  of places to get round with a wheel chair but we managed it the best we could and managed to get on the safari  ride their witch allowed us to at least be driven around to see all the animals just like you would in Africa .


 Our Next Port Of Call On Our Theme Park Tour Was  Busch Gardens at Tampa




                                These Are Another Set Of Photos Taken At Busch Gardens



Busch Gardens is known for its several roller coasters that it has their ,we didant go on any of these especially with the cituation with mum with her wheel chair ,we just enjoyed watching others ride these monster rides .






We decided at this point to take some time out and have a bit of a break for a couple of days to sorta recuperate ,and just chill out .    We still had the rest of the two weeks we were going to be in Orlando and their were still lots to see yet ,but after pushing a wheel chair round for several hours a day ,its starts to get a bit heavy on the person doing the pushing .   After a short break we decided to resume our visits to Orlandos attractions .
                       Our Next Place To Check Out Was Universal Studios .
                                                    The Next Set Of Photos Were Taken At Universal ,Orlando
                           The Universal Globe                                                         Harry Potters Hogwarts
           Our Next Place To Visit was SeaWorld In Orlando ,Below Is A Selection Of Photos From This Visit.



                         Our Next Place To Visit Was Across Florida  " Cocoa Beach "

We decided that it might be nice to travel a little further afield in Florida and apart from doing the Everglades we took a bus tour to Cocoa Beach .  The following photos show this and the worlds biggest surf shop their.




                                      Photo of us in Miami and one of the famous beach their


The last big trip we ventured on was to Miami and this was a mammoth 22 hour bus trip that took us right across florida ,and frankly it was one hell of a coach ride especially with having mum with me ,but saying that she stood upto it well really . We did the scenic boat tour their and I managed to get a walk on the famous Miami Beach.    It was now a case of getting our stuff all packed up and ready for the off to fly to California ,to San Diego wear Paula was going to meet us at the airport their .   It seemed a prity long flight to be honest ,but I suppose you fly right up and across the USA to get their.   We eventually arrived at the airport in San diego but what I didant take account of was the time diferances in diferant parts of the USA ,and we hung around for ages before Paula turned up because of that time diferance .   Paula lives just outside San diego at a place called Fallbrook  and it was handy to stay at the hotel at the end of her road wear she lived .  The last time I stayed their in 2010 it was called the Welcome Inn ,but now had changed hands and was called  "La Estancia Inn "

The Photos below show this hotel .            Paula had a couple of days off from wear she teaches and lectures at Mirimar College so we were going to drive to los -Angeles  and  Hollywood and maby do Santa-Monica after we got back from their .




The plan was to stay over one night ,then Paula would pick us up drive to her house and drop most of our luggage off their and just take our small hand luggage  cases with us on the Hollywood trip.   And as arranged we got our pick up then went and collected Pam ,and then got underway to Los Angeles  .

                                  These Are Some Of The Photos We Took In Hollywood






It was really great seeing Paula and Pam again we had not seen each other since 2010 when I last went to  the USA .   Ok so after doing both these  places ,we did the drive back to San Diego and dropped Pam off on the way . So went back to Paulas and collected our other luggage from her garage then headed for the Holiday Inn wear we were stopping right on the side of the harbour .           Oh dear the Holiday inn was not  their and after asking a few questions and ringing them up we were told they were right round the bay. Anyways it seems that they had moved location from wear I stayed in 2010 ,this was a blow to say the least .  Anyway we had no option but to stay their the one night and ring up the other hotel wich was now the Wyndham and book for the rest of our week with them .  Paula and Pam came pack on another day and took us both to Santa Monica and we had a nice time looking round there and walking on its famous pier .

                                               This Set Of Photos Show Us In Santa Monica


We now had the rest of the week to explore SanDiego and I really enjoyed a place called Sea Port Village right up the harbour side .  San Diego is a massive city again and seeing the wonderful Amtrak trains pull at the train station was really interesting and seeing the huge double decker sleeper coaches on the trains travelling right across several states in the usa .   One of the places I wanted to take mother was Coronado  Island  and its famous hotel their .  We decided instead of going their by road we would take the ferry across to the island ,and this we did and had a really great day their.

                              This Set Of Photos Show The Visit To Coronado  Island.






To Finish our story wear we were dancing across the usa im just going to put some of the photos of me and mum taken round San diego ,in California .   We finished our wonderful trip up here  before we flew home to Heathrow Airport in London.