........One ...Womens ...Battle ..With ...Transsexuality......




  After many months of planning and evan putting the date back,all the arangements were finally made and in place  and trip number three to bangkok ,thailand  was about to start.

It was Saturday the 21st of April 2007  and i thought that i was about to embark on what was my last trip to thailand  to do surgery with Dr Chettawut.  The cost of this trip would probably be the biggest outlay of any of my trips to thailand ,and to fund this trip ,took my severance pay from my job and prety much all my savings i had put away . Unfortunately my friend DJ who had taken me to the coach station on the last two trips couldant do it this time,so I had to get a taxi on this accasion ,to meet the National Express coach to London from the Broad Marsh bus station . The trip again took me down to one of the biggest international airports in the uk ,Heathrow .  It was a difficult time for me really because i wondered how the illness that had dogged me the last few months would effect me on this trip,especially with the radical surgery that was in front of me in bangkok . It all started being a prety emotional morning and i nipped up to my hairdresser and she did my hair and made it look really nice for the trip  and as lunch time approched i got prety nervous .  At least the cab ride to the bus station was broken up by  talking to the taxi driver on the way their, and he asked me wear my holiday was ,and i comented that it wasant really a holiday at all ,its a trip to Bangkok  to do Female Feminisation Surgery .  It was prety obvious to me he was looking me up and down through his rear view mirror ,and he commented " i would love to see you after your big face job " ,i bet youl look really great .

We arrived at the Broad Marsh bus station and i took my two suet cases out of the boot of the taxi ,these were a pair of identicle cases ,one large and one hand luggage case . Also with me was the silver laptop i had bought off Michelle my friend from Arizona,a few months before .  Well the first problem soon became evident to me and that was the coach wasant going to arrive on time to pick us up at the bus station  and this would make a late arrival at the airport  and because it had stood in the bus station for ages after its alloted departure time ,and it finally left a good 50 minuets late .  I supose with things running behind now ,the one good thing to come out of it was the fact that i wouldant need to spend so much time walking about at Heathrow Airport before the flight actually left the airport , and this would work in my favour .  The bus journey down to London /Heathrow turned out to be a prety good journey ,and a man who sat next to me on the coach  started chatting and he told me he was from New Zealand and that he was over hear studying at Loughborough Univercity, and with the chat it helped alot and we soon arrived at Heathrow ..One thing that helped alot i think was the fact that i had made this trip twice previously and you kinda know how things work and how to get your way through a major international airport ,like Heathrow . After an assortement of problems with passport controll and being told that i had too many carry ons and having  to check my hand luggage case in the hold of the aircraft and squeeze my laptop inside this first it wasant easy and i finally ended up at the departure lounge for Eva Airways , and only minuets later we started boarding the aircraft . As on the previous two trips i managedto get myself an isle seat,this works very well for me and allows you to at least get up and leave your seat and viset the toilet  or just strech your legs in general. I knew this wasant going to be an easy journey and my feelings and thoughts kept straying towards wether i was doing the right thing and would all this extra stress agrivate my illness .

After many boreing hours on the aircraft  that seemed just endless i glaced at the tv set on the seat in front of me and could see that we were about to arrive at Bangkoks new airport, literally a masterpeice of workmanship that they managed to build on top of a swamp in bangkok. The aircraft circled  and i could hear it shutdown its engines and the nose tipped back and i could hear the landing gear come down and i got my first glances  of Bangkok.  After disembarking as quickly as i could get off with my ears still feeling odd from the depressurisation from the aircrafts decent i headed off to passport control and then to nothing to declear and then onto collect my luggage from the conveyor.   Well i had gotten past the flight i was really dreading and it was now off to meet who ever had been sent to meet me at the airport ,and as i approached the funnel of people who were their to meet passengers off the incoming flights ,their just seemed hundreds of people standing waiting ,waiveing cards ,notices with names and differant hotels on them .  I was continually asked by the taxi touters if i wanted a taxi cab ,but obviously i didant need one .  As i got closer the the people waiting i tried to scan my eyes over all the boards ,notices and signs beeing waived about ,but this was quiet a task while keeping moveing forward , but i couldant actually see anybody with my name board  or anybody i recognised .  I figured at this point it was time to get my mobile phone out and make the call ,and i had been given this number just incase . I tried one number but no luck ,so i diled the other one and this eventually got me through ,and i asked "is that Tair ,and she replied yes " i said ,its Tina Phillips  and im waiting for my collection at the airport , Tair replied Hi Tina ,the drivers on his way to pick you up,and infect he should really already be their .  Well at least with this i felt happy and knew i hadent been forgotten by Dr Chettawut .  After walking up and down the airport a few more times i heard a voice shout Tina ,it was Peta ,the girl i had agreed to shear the room with at the Baan Siri Hotel ,she was from Australia , she had come as support for me after doing my ffs surgery and also to get her breasts redone to a bigger size .  We quickly exchanged greeting and had a hug ,and the driver passed me his mobile phone and Dr Chettawut was on the other end of the line ,and he had rang to say he was so pleased i had made it to bangkok ok and he was looking forward to seeing me again ,this all seemed a very nice gesture on his behalf towards me .  After a short while the driver pulled the car up for us to get in and he loaded my luggage in the trunk of the car ,and we headed off to the Baan Siri the hotel i knew so well from my previous two trips to Bangkok , in 2005 and 2006

The new airport was closer to the hotel and it wasant long before we were heading down that road that took us to the big yellow Baan Siri sign just as you enter the hotel ,and streight away the memories seemed to come flooding back from my previous trips and the time i had spent previously at that hotel ,and it seemed like it was certainly becoming a second home for me .  This time instead of my old room that was at the front of the hotel  the room i was given was faceing the other way ,and was room 805 directly above the entrance porch wear you actually come into the hotels main entrance .  I quickly got unpacked and stowed all my items away out of my sute case ,despite feeling tired after the 20 hours trip from the UK.  I had been given a small slip of paper  from Dr Chettawut ,passed onto me by the driver ,explaining my consultation would be on the monday morning ,and the driver would collect me from the hotel and drive me to the clinic .

I wanted to get some supplies and shopping in ,so i knew i would need to fit the shopping trip in around the consultation ,because it was important to get these items before the actual surgery ,because i knew i wouldant be in a fit state to do it after .  Anyway Peta and Sam the other girl i had met at the hotel from the UK all arranged to go shopping at Seacon Square after the consultation , and we would take a taxi cab to the shopping mall ,it was only about 80 bhats in cab fair.  After a very good shop at Tesco ,i came back with a Jug Kettle ,a Toaster,and quiet alot of food items to stock the makeship fridge up ,that was actually a drinks ,mini bar .  Anyway i soon got my laptop computer on line after useing a CS-LOX card i had purchased ,and all seemed prety organised and set up ready for the surgery day ,and it was at this point i started to meet the other girls at the hotel ,one being Vicky from the UK, and one of my great friends Venus ,one of my moderators from the girls club .  The following photos show myself at Seacon and also Venus and myself in her room after she had completed her srs with Dr Chettawut .




 Vicky had done her ffs surgery with Dr Chettawut and Venus had done her SRS and Breast Augmentation .  With my big consulation coming up on Tuesaday their was just time to go and get some photos round the grounds of the Baan Siri Hotel, the following photos at some of these  photos ,a small selection .







Well tuesday the day of my consultation was hear and right on the dot the driver arrived to pick up Peta and myself to take us to Dr Chettawuts clinic ,and we arrived there in no time and parked on the forecourt just infront of the clinic .

As i stepped out the car my heart was raceing with excitement and my eyes headed towards that front door to the clinic and streight way memeries of the previous year came flooding back .

Once inside there was a barrage of greetings and smiles and hugs from DrChettawut ,Tair ,and the rest of the staff there ,it made me feel right back at home with very comfy .

 After just a few minets Dr Chettawut came out again from his office and asked who was going to go first Peta or myself ,and we decided it would be myself to go in first .

 Once in Dr Chettawuts office we sat down and started to chat about the proposed procedures that would take place this comeing wednesday .

We started with the forehead and went throught each part of my face step by step in great detail ,and Dr Chettawut explained that with the hairline evan though we had planned not to toutch it he felt that it was in prity good shape already but he could make an improvement to this ,so i said ill go with what you think .

The jaw was a part of the face i was perticulaly interested in makeing an improvement on and stressed this point ,and Dr Chettawut said he would need to get a better idea from the x-rays when done just how much could be shaved off from the mandular jaw angle reduction proceedure ,but also stated that he wanted to put a titanium plate in my chin at the bottom so it would add to the affect of the jaw angle reduction , again not a proceedure that was planned ,but i felt happy to go along with his expert opinion ..

We must have spent the best part of 45 minets talking about all the diferant areas and what might be acheeved and while in his office he took photos of my other areas of my body wear he had done operations in the previous two years for his records ,because with patiants he doesant always get chance to get comparison photos so far down the line unless sent in by patiants on e mails to him .

While there i took the opertunity to mention that with my srs i felt that there was alot of extra skin on the outer labia and that was in my opinian unhygenic and also the lips either side seemed unevan .           Dr Chettawut asked me to follow him upstairs to his little operating theatre and i already knew it was a shoes off job before mounting the stairs and i slipped on the pair of flip flops provided by the clinic and headed up to the little changing room /booth just to the left before you get to his operating room .

With my clothes hung up and a robe slipped on inside the changing room ,i poked my head out and Mr June pointed the way the the end room and asked me to lay on the couch /bed with my legs up in the stirrups and Dr Chettawut came in and incerted a tool inside me and checked me out all around the neo vagina and asked me about the depth i could acheeve ,and i replied i had lost just a very little but i was still very happy with the depth i could acheeve ,and i mentiomned the skin on the outer labia ,and he also looked and agreed that it looked slightly unevan and there was alot of spare skin and he explained that it could be delt with very easely , that pleased me as i felt all that extra skin was trapping moisteir and this was un hygenic and it prompted me to wear a panty pad to deal with this .

 Im sure he knew what i ment anyway ,and Dr Chettawut said ok Tina i get you collected tomorrow with my driver and he bring you to my clinic and ill do a revision on your srs , i smiled and said thank you so much ,and one last thing Dr Chettawut mentioned was my ffs day ,he said because i know its going to be a massive session of surgery i want to put this back to thursday from wednesday because i want to get you x rayed and preped up very early so i have the full day to work on your face ,and one last point he mentioned was the fact that it will mean many hours under anistetic and he would need to put me probably in intensive care to make sure i pull through ok after the surgery .

I headed back down stairs and waited for peta now to have her consultation for her breast surgery and after a short while and alot more hugs and photos we got back in the car and headed for the baan siri .



Wednesday The 25th of April .

(Revision Day )

Right on time as i was told the black camrey rolled up at the siri and after just a short ride i was there at dr chettawuts clinic ,and after the normal greetings i was shown upto the changing room up the stairs and asked to put a robe on and then led into the little operating theatre at the back .

Mr June positioned me on the bed with my legs up in the stirrups and proceeded to swob me down and disinfect the area to be worked on ,and positined the mat over my bottom end with the hole in it just between my legs so it blanked out all the rest of me .

The operation was going to be done just under a local anistetic so i would be awake while dr chettawut worked on me , once everything was in place dr chettawut entered the room and stuck a needle in my lower regeon on the right side of my outer labia and explained that if i felt any pain at all ,i must say so imediatly ,and when on to explain that he would make two insisions and they would be maby about 2.1/2 -3 " long and would remove a section of skin and sow me up again .

The first side took about 30 minets to do ,and after the needle was put in the left side and the same proceedure followed ,all this time at the side of me was one of chets girls gently sqeezing my hand and i must say it helped alot because i was laying there with a blind fold on and i could feel the wall mounted air conditioning unit blowing cool fresh air above me .

The time passed quickly and dr chettawut chatted and talked with mr june as he assisted him with the surgery ,and i could  smell the skin being quaterised by the tool he used to stop the bleeding and seal the incision , and before i knew it ,it was over ,and dr chettawut passed me a hand mirror and asked me to take a look ,witch i did ,and then he proceeded to put a pressure bandage stuck over the wound area and said that it was ok to pee through it as it would be taken off in just a day or so .

I thanked dr chettawut and told him i was so pleased he could perform this revision and he smiled at me and said Tina is my pleasure ,no problem at all .

 Iwas led back to the changing room and i put my clothes back on and made my way back down stairs ,with a very big smile on my face ,and after a "are you ok ,from tair" ,i nodded yes thank you ., i was given a cold drink and dr chettawut came up and said ill pick you up early tomorrow its gonna be a big day ,and after a smile and a hug ,i left the clinic reception and got back in the car waiting outside ,so that had sorted the revision on my srs ,and i was more than pleased i had mentioned this matter to dr chettawut ,because now it was done and dusted ,just the ffs to deal with now ,and after a short car ride the baan siri was their and the driver dropped me off outside .


F.F.S Day ( The 26th Of April 2007)



Well the big day had finally arived ,it was the 26th of april 2007and this was a day a few months back i wasant evan shore i would be able to do .

Well the big day had finally arived ,it was the 26th of april 2007and this was a day a few months back i wasant evan shore i would be able to do .

Right on time as planned the driver arrived on time ,and i took a deep sigh and climbed into the camrey and as we headed out of the Baan Siri on that beautiful bangkok morning my thoughts were ,well ok its crunch time in a few hours itl all be over and ill complete the last part of three years worth of surgery .

As i sat in the back seat of the car on my own ,i just sorta peered out the car window and in a sort of sentimental haze many thoughts passed through my mind ,and my mind kept switching back and forth between these thoughts and the views out the car window and the sun that i kept catching a fleeting sight of between the massive tall buildings that graced my route .

I knew this was going to be a massive crucial day for me ,and as i sat there waiting to catch a glimse of the Piyavate ,my eyes were almost trying to fill with tiny tears ,and i fought my emotions as hard as i could and tried to stop the tears ,yes i was alone 6.250 miles from my family and today was gonna be a day that would forever change my apperance for the rest of my life .

After a short run ,there it was the towering outline of this amazing hospital ,the place they call the centre of excellance ,the Piyavate .

         The Next Four Photos Show The Piyavate Hospital  And The Check In Staff On The Main Desk




As we pulled up to the main entrance of the hospital the driver got out and opened the door to the car for me ,and imediatly a person came out to greet me and showed me inside the main entrance ,and for a couple of minets i took a seat ,then a smartly dressed young girl came over and fetched me across to the main booking in area .

I sat down at the desk and started on the left with the girls ,and was asked to produce my passport ,wich i did ,and they put all my details on computer ,and i was asked to move to the next desk on the right ,and evantually after all the paperwork had been done i was issued with a plastic id card with my name and number on with the Piyavate on it ,apparently this can be carried anywear inn thailand and if you have a medical problem you can produce it .

I was then led over to the middle of the main reception /waiting area , and the smiles kept coming over from a group of staff stood at another desk in the middle of the room .

After i had been sitting there for just a few minets ,another young lady came over and escorted me to another area wear they did the x-rays and after a short while in the waiting area i was taken to the x-ray room and several shots were taken of my head from differant angles .

Then it was off to another room to get changed and check all my belongings in and the young lady sat there with a clip board makeing a list of what was in my handbag ,when they got to my lucky maskot tigeress they all smiled alot ,and added it on the list along with my camera and other bits .

The next thing i knew i was on my way to the operating theatre ,down the corridors and a lift journey and there it was a 21st century facility all decked out with amazing modern equipment and so clean you could eat you dinner of the floor .

Ok i was nervouse ,i cant say i wasant ,but i knew what was in store for me ,but i did my very best to just stay calm and relax .

After i arrived there ,Nut showed up and started to braid my hair ,a proceedure they do to bunch it up to get it away from your face for the surgery ,and i remember laying there and feeling her doing it for me .

Very quickly the anethatist ,the guy dr chet had told me about ,and in his words a real joker was at the side of me sticking a line in me ,and after a few fleeting moments and a few words from him i was in ablivian ,totally gone .

                           My  FFS  Story  Part Three

              "Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light."

The Following Photos Are What You Look Like after 15 Hours Of Getting Your Head Taken Apart With FFS Surgery


Its the strangest feeling to wake in a hospital bed with loads of pipes and tubes stuck in you and when you finally come to your censes ,you realise wear you are and feel like you have just been through amageddon .

But that's very  much how i felt ,with the oxygen mask on my face and not being able to breath through my nose with packing up my nostrills and a cast on my nose ,and more bandages on my head and face than than somthing thats just been unearthed from some egyptian tomb .

I was in and out of conciousness for most of the time and with a steady procession of nurses popping in and out and a couple of visets from dr chettawut to check me out ,i dont know really wear the three days went .


Well sunday morning came round and after a viset from dr chettawuts staff wich was might unusual on a sunday ,as thats the one day they dont normally viset ,it was decided that i could be moved back to the baan siri hotel that evening .

The prospect of getting out the hospital excited me ,and the day quickly went bye and before i knew it i was being asked to get ready to leave ,the only problem being my eyes ,i couldant see through one and the other was partly shut .

Its totally understandable now how a blind or partially sighted person must feel because being so bad with my eyes it certainly gives you an insight into this .

Nut arrived that evening and with dr chettawuts other girl ( i cant remember her name ) they got me into a wheel chair and headed out to the car ,and once there they installed me in the front passenger seat ,and reclined it for me ,so it was almost in a bed position .

I didant see a thing all the way back to the hotel ,it was a world of just sound and smells ,no vision at all ,and it seemed like a journey that lasted for ever .

Once back at the baan siri they managed to get me up in to the lift and into my room ,and into bed .

The next couple of days were spent prity much feeling really out of sorts with hardly any vision and now they had also put a pressure bandage round my jaw and chin .

Everytime i tried to get up ,i just felt so dizzy with my head spinning round ,and with my nose blocked up it was so hard to breath ,and to try and eat and drink was really dificult as your only air way was through your mouth and block this with food or drink and it was dificult to breath

One doesant realise how important a persons eyes are , you kinda take it for granted that the vision your used to is there ,and with myself now it was down to useing saline solution on a swab and keep cleaning the eyes out and the sticky mess glueing them together ,coupled with the swelling ,i looked a right sight .

The next problem to crop up was with my room mate Peta ,she had a call from home saying one of her two girls had a medical emergancy and was in intensive care ,so she quickly had to make arrangements to leave and fly back to australia on the next available flight ,this was quite a blow to me ,but obviously a thing she needed to do ,as her family comes first .          This kinda left me on my own and after 15 hours of ffs surgery i felt rather vunarable and slightly upset .

When Nut came in the next day she could see i was slightly upset and she sat at the side of me and i kinda broke down in tears and explained the cituation to her ,she put her arm round me and said Tina dont worry we are all hear for you and your not alone at all ,after a a couple of minets she said let me make a phone call to my sister ,wich she did ,and she asked me if i would like her to take me out and about in bangkok this comeing saturday ( Nuts sister is a teacher hear in bangkok ) ., that sounded good to me .

Also Nut said i will give my one day up this coming sunday and take you out with my family ,my husband and 4 year old daughter ,would you like that ?      the kindness felt overwhelming towards me and i gave her a massive hug and thanked her from my heart .


With the packing out my nose now and the cast off ,it was very much more easy to breath now ,and that made me feel alot better .

Over my period there i had met Vicky from Wales and she decided to stay on a couple of extra days to be with me ,because she was heading on to Pattaya for a short holiday and break before heading back to the uk ,and we spent many hours chatting about varoius things and i know these chats helped her alot with her own decisions regarding her own transition .

Further down the corridor was another girl who at that point i didant realise how good freinds we would become and that was Jeanette from Finland ,and as my story progresses ,Jeanette and myself become prity close and go and we did everything together  in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday soon came round ,and as arranged Nuts sister Doom arived with Nut on the daily viset to the baan siri and we said our greetings and exchanged a few smiles and after Nut had done my daily check ,i got myself ready for my first big venture out sight seeing ,and this was going to be on the sky train to Siam square and change over and get off at the MBK Centre .          I wasant sure how i was going to be because the dizzyness and nausiousness was stil there and with the dressings and pressure bandages with the bangkok heat ,i didant know how i would fear to be honest .             So Doom and myself took a taxi to On -Nut and started our day out .      

After we had been all over the MBK Centre i mentioned to Doom that i needed to get my nails infilled and after looking round there and a couple of phone calls from Doom to ask if there was any nail places we decided to head back to the Seacon Centre ,and we caught the sky train back to on nut and got a taxi from there to seacon square .

During the week i had managed somehow to melt down my electric kettle in my hotel room ,i guess it was forgetting to switch it off and it boiled dry and melted it down ,so also a call to tesco was in order to buy another one .

After i had gotten my nails done i asked Doom if she fancied a meal and she said ok ,so i took her to sizlers and treated her to what ever she wanted to eat ,and she took full advantage of the free buffet and then had a pork meal and and for a small lady she could sure put plenty of food away .

After that we headed off to Tesco bought the bits i needed including a new toaster and by now the time was getting on so starting to feel tired i decided to head back to the hotel ,and told Doom i would be ok ,but no she insisted on travelling back with me to see me back and carry my shopping .

We got back to the siri and after dropping my stuff off in my room i gave her a massive hug and thanked her for the great day she had shown me round bangkok ,and i gave her the taxi fare home .


                     This Set Of Photos Show The Ancient City And Show How Swollen My Face Was


After a great day yesterday with Nuts sister ,right on time Nut arrived to collect me at the baan siri and came upto my hotel room to collect me .

Today we were going to viset the Anciant City and also the Crocodile Farm And Zoo .          We headed down stairs and waiting in the car park was Nuts husband and wonderfull young daughter only 4 years old , the car looked recognisable and it turned out to be one of dr chettawuts cars he had borrowed us for the day out . What a wonderful place so many great attractions and wonderful buildings to see .


We all got back into the car and headed for the Crocodile Farm & Zoo next ,this was just a 15-20 minuet drive away .


Well it was a great show ,those guys sticking there heads in the mouths of those crocks made me shudder.

After the show we went and got an ice cream ,and i managed to bite my bottom lip and make it blead ,do to the fact of all the numbness on the bottom lip and down below .

All in all a really great day ,and i cant thank this wonderful family enough for letting me share there sunday with them on this wonderful day in bangkok in april 2007 .

                 My  FFS   Story   Part  Four


After a truly great weekend ,with my spirits alot higher now ,my freindship with Jeanette started to develop alot more and we started to spend alot more time in each others company ,and obviously with her own healing in progress we were both in the same boat really , and decided to take some photos in the grounds of the Bann Siri , it was a good job we anticipated the weather and took a couple of unbrellas with us because we just got walking round and the skys opened up with one of those tropical rain bouts and it came down in sheets .

You would think that after 15 hours of ffs surgery a person would have had enough ,but after wakeing that perticular morning my thoughts went to maby i should get my upper eye lids done .

When the daily viset from Nut happened that day ,i mentioned to her that maby i could get this done with dr chettawut while i was hear ,after listening she said she would pass on my message to dr chettawut .

Well after the viset that day Jeanette and myself decided to head for Seacon Square and the shopping centre ,and i knew my faverate gift shop was cituated there ,and also a place called Charming , this was a beauty outlet that specialised in perminant makeup .

We headed for the gift shop and while there i saw just the thing that caught my eye ,it was a glass case with an amazing glass dragon boat inside that lights up ,i just knew i had to get it for dr chettawut as a gift .

When we arrived at Seacon there was a vintage car display in the main show area there and i couldant resist getting a photo or two taken with them .

When we arrived at Seacon there was a vintage car display in the main show area there and i couldant resist getting a photo or two taken with them .


Please remember all these photos were taken not long after major facial surgery and my face is very swollen and bruised




Again it was lunch at Sizlers again ,seems to be one of my faverate places for eating ,and i know Jeanette enjoyed the free buffet in there also. Well i decided to risk it at Charming and had my eyebrows done with perminant makeup by one of the girls there ,at a cost of just 1500 thai bhats ,a real bargain .





Just before we came back to the Bann Siri by taxi we had one last call to make and that was to buy a cake to take back and share with my fellow sisters at the hotel ,because we had been invited to teri and lindas room that evening ,so i thought it would be a nice suprise for them .

When i got upto my room a gave her a ring on my cell/mobile phone and the news was that Dr Chettawut would do my eyelid surgery this coming saturday evening at his clinic and would send the driver to collect me at 7 pm ., wowee i was really excited at this news ,and obviously asking the right people had worked for me .

Later that evening i went to collect Jeanette and we both went to our invite at linda and teris room ,and the photos show the six of us ,i cant remember the other two girls names but we all had a drink and loads of chocolate cake, and i showed them the gift i had brought for dr chettawut . 

      The Following Photos Show The Glass Dragon Boat Being Presented To Dr Chettawut To Say Thank You


Saturday night soon came round and the apointment to get my upper eyelids done at Dr Chettawuts clinic.     Ithought this would be a good opertunity to give Dr Chettawut the gift i had purchased for him the case with the glass dragon boat inside .,and right on the nail at 7 pm Jeanette and myself headed down to the reception and waiting for us was Dr Chettawuts driver with the black Camrey outside .

I had purchased a japanese camono the other day while shopping so thought i would take the opertunity to wear it that evening .On arrival there we were soon greeted by Dr Chettawut and I presented the gift of the glass dragon boat i had bought for him . After the presentation we headed into Dr Chettawuts office and we discussed my uper eyelids ,he got a coctail stick and a hand mirrow and has he pointed to the upper lid showed me in the mirror what he thought ,and his honest opinian was that to do the upper lids it would make no visable mprovement ,it might evan make a good thing bad ,so he recommendation was that i didant toutch them .Well he was the expert and i knew that his opinian was very valid and i totally trusted his judgement on this matter ,and he said ,Tina if you want them done ,ill doe them now if you want . After a quick thought or two ,i decided that i would go with Dr Chettawut oppinian and give the upper lids a miss for now .While in Dr chettawuts office ,he asked me if that long overdo dinner date could be done this coming wednesday ,and i smiled and said for sure yes that would be lovely ,and i commented i only like english cooking ,or american ,he smiled and said ok ,the sushi bars out then ,giggles .He gave me a big hug and i got in the car and Mr June dropped me off back at the hotel .


                    My   FFS Story   Part Five
   These are the last  photo ill show from my FFS story ,and the swelling is starting to go down on the face



Its amazing really how fast its possible to heal after major surgery and the photo above is just four weeks after my fourhead nose and jaw were taken apart after 15 hours of surgery .    I can only say it was the most frightening thing ive ever done in my life and much worse than the SRS I did the previous year .         Would I do it again ,the answers yes

Well at the end of the four week stay Dr Chettawut checked my face out and with all the stitched now out I made my provision for the long 6,500 mile journey back home and Dr Chettawuts driver dropped me back at the airport and I caught the Eva Airways flight back to the uk .

I truly hope this page has given any would be transitioner an insight into just whats involved with life changing surgery like this .


After nearly two weeks now after ffs ,the stitches were been taken out and this was done with Dr Chettawuts staff when they viseted in my room ,some were taken out by Nut and some by Tair ,and this was gradually done over a few days .

The breakfast thing had now become a reglar morning port of call for me at the Bann Siri reasturant ,with my compact mirror positioned in front of me so i could see how much food was dribbling down my face ,as i was unable to feel anything do to the loss of feeling and sensation from the bottom lip downwards ,and this can be quite embarising with other diners ,so i swiftly kept mopping any spillage up with a had knapkin .

The perticular morning Jeanette and myself were sitting in the reasturant window and the car drove up to collect Teri for her surgery ,so we swiftly left the reasrurant we get out side to see her off and wish her well .

It was a very toutching moment ,and jeanette and myself both ended up in tears in the car park ,i guess the moment just got to us both ,and we ended up standing infront of the reasturant hugging each other for suport ,because we were both very emotional and had tears in our eyes .

With the weekend hear ,i knew if i wanted to viset the big weekend market it would need to be now ,so Jeanette and myself asked Linda ,Teris room mate and companian if she might like to come with us there ,as she was on her own after seeing Teri of to the hospital for her surgery .

Linda said ok i would love to go with you ,so we all got ready and went down to the reception and ordered a cab and the cab driver was instructed to take us to Chattachak Market .

The last two weeks saw Jeanette and myself travel out on many day excursions to see some very amazing  things that Thailand had to offer ,and one of these was our trip to the River Kwai and The Tiger Temple ,the story of this is on its own page listed in the main index at the top of this website .