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                                                                                The Trans-Renaissance


                                                   That Word Transgender And My Website


                                                  "Words And Transgender Unbrellas"

When i first built this website going back many years ago now ,i launched version one ,and ok it made a statement about my transition and told a story . But at the start of this page i did say i would try and explain why i chose the title TRANSGENDER .  Its tricky to try and explain my own feelings on this matter because years ago i didant know any better about the wording and ,chose that word ive grown to dislike .  The reason i dont like this word is because of what it now covers as far as the Transgender Un brella is concerned . The Transgender word now covers many diferant sorts of people ,many ive talked about at the top of this page with "Whats In A Word "  .  My own feelings are this ...how can you asume that a person like myself this was truly a transsexual from birth is the same as a person who chooses to dress and portray theirself for a few hours a week in the opposite gender role to how they actually live .  When a person transitions they make many sacrifices in real life to bring mind and body together as one living entity and correct a birth defect they were born with .  If a person only chooses to portray theirself as the opposite sex for lets say reasons of only sexual gratification ,but still are seen in the publics eye as the same as a person who does transition but is still classed as transgender ,then in my view its totally wrong .   Unfortunately some years ago when i set the name of my website i didant see this valid point and my website became known as Tinas Transgender World ,a title i cant alter now ,but truly hate ..

Please see my dedication to my sisters and brothers on this link below .