........One ...Womens ...Battle ..With ...Transsexuality......


                                I AM  WOMAN

























                I  AM WOMAN "HEAR ME ROAR"

My life is as I have always wanted now and its hard to put into words the shear excitement of being alive. When I was young life just was not right and through all the years of struggling and near suicide at times I was able to hang on to that string of life and it kept me going through the hard times.         Anybody that does not suffer with with the crippling illness of Gender Dysphoria surely cant evan start to understand what a person like myself goes through and this breaks you down and the years take their toll on you .

Im pretty sure that if I had not have transitioned  then I probably would not  be here now and through the periods of regression that grip you in a vice like hold and wear you try and battle the illness of being TRANSSEXUAL .       I always remember my doctor some years ago saying this "Tina you will never win the battle to overcome being as you are " and I guess he was right .

I literally went from being a near recluse with my life ,to reinventing myself once I got into my transition and that massive weight started to lift off my shoulders  ,giving me life back again. The photos here show that happiness  and that shear joy of winning back my life after almost fifty years of shear hell .   Below is my tree of life that I designed to show my journey in life .




                                The Internet.

The internet has played a massive part in my life this last 10-12 years and I am not sure half of what I had done ,I could have done without the internet.  When I got my first computer this gave me the means to not only seek information but also to make friends as well and also it was a tool to be creative and start building places on it for transgender people ,firstly on Yahoo ,then on other social media sites like My Space and eventually Face Book .  The internet allowed me to book all my surgeries on line and to also realise that I was not out their on my own ,their were thousands of others ,just like me.











                                    So What Now .

For me its just a matter of getting on with my life now and I will still carry on supporting the Transgender community with my websites like this one and of course The Pink Butterfly Network that I firstly created on NING ,then switched to Face Book.


                       Below are some of  my groups and pages on Face Book












                                        In Conclusion

I truly hope that anybody that has landed on my website might take inspiration and see what can be achieved  ,and that it helps fuel your own journeys in life.