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                                                            For All We Know




A lot of things have changed in my life over the last few years and I have seen many other stories like my own ,and this really inspires me a lot .    I know when I first realised that I had a problem with my gender and not knowing how all this transsexual thing actually worked ,it was a puzzling time for me and a time that seems almost a lifetime away . Ive reached 60 now and been living in the gender role of a female 24/7 all this time and at first it was hard making the adjustments that I knew I had to make ,but you do get to learn how to adjust and this is a crucial element that was needed for a successful transition .  

With things like the new laws and acts that have come into force this last few years especially with the Gender Recognition Act being introduced so people like myself and others can surely get the true recognition they rightfully deserve.  This has certainly allowed me to get my gender recognition certificate and also a new birth certificate with the appropriate  gender marker on it .

Their comes a time when life has to take hold instead of a persons mind repeatedly focusing just on a persons journey and with myself I have grown to the point wear I'm fully adjusted to my transitional adjustments that I have made in my life ,and this in turn frees up the minds thoughts to be able to concentrate on other things .

I can only give thanks to the Gender Transitioners ( The True Pioneers) who helped me along my journey and quest to fulfill my goal in life ,these people surely helped pave the way. So with documenting my story with this website again I hope that it may in some little way help others to inspire them to also chase their own dreams.

Thank you to Lynn Conway , Ann Lawrence, Marcey Bowers, Caroline(Tula) Cossey, Diana Ritze, Melanie Ann Phillips, Donna Rose, Andrea James,  and a host of other people who lead the way forward and certainly inspired me a lot.

Their is one other person that has been a true inspiration and a rock to me and that's my mum Gladys who despite all the odds stood by my side and walked this journey with me .  The following photo is mum and myself .




                                                                              " The Ring"


"The Ring " A Story Of Friendship
In 2004 just after i had launched my first website on the internet Tinas Transgender World version one , i was approached by e mail by a guy who lived in India ,called "Rami " He has seen my website and was taken with my story on it and felt he had to contact me. He sent me an e mail and asked if he might chat on Yahoo Messenger . I must admit i was a little bit suspicious at this but reluctantly agreed to do it.
Eventually we added each other...
on messenger and chatted and he said that he was taken back with the story i had published on my website ,and that he was definatley not coming onto me ,and that he wanted to give me a gift. Ok again i was kind of  suspicious of this ,be he again said nothing ment by it and that it was only a gift. He said that he owned and ran a jewelry business in India and sent me photos down of it ,so it all looked real enough . He said that he could make me a ring and asked my ring size and said that most of his work was in silver and that apart from selling jewelry with his business he actually made jewelry to sell as well.
Anyway after sorting out the ring size ,i did not hear from him again and assumed that it was just some guy bulling me up and selling me a line . Afew weeks later a small package arrived at my house that had come air mail from India and on opening it ,inside was the silver ring he had made for me with the heart on it with my initials TMP on the front .
It certainly goes to show that their is decent people out their in this world today . I eventually did get back in touch with "Rami" and thanked him for the gift he had made and sent me . The other ring is my gift to myself to celibrate the completion of doing my SRS in Thailand.
Thanks for reading this story.
Tina Marie Phillips